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  1. i am hella drunk... KTOWN = KAILUA TOWN FOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. glad to see you found someone who really means something to you. good luck with it....
  3. just


    aww shiet, i was fucked last nite.
  4. wordo. k town killahs... woop woop!!!!!!!!!
  5. just


    my dad spends my child support money on sick colorado prostitutes.... i fuckin hate him.
  6. just


    me and my mom were sitting eating dinner at this resturant and i was eating the cherries out of my drink... and my sister passes me her cherry and is like "i dont like these" (shes about 6)... then my mom starts telling me this story about why i like cherries so dayum much... she said when i was like about a couple of months or so, before i could even talk, my dad would take me to some bar with him in cali, sit me at the bar right next to him, and have the bar tender feed me cherry after cherry. she told me one day my dad brought my mom and was like just sit and watch her... i would sit there, the bartender would give me a cherry, i would eat it off the stem, put the stem down and wait patiently for another one.... wtf? then my mom orders a bloody mary, and i ask her for a sip and i suddenly get this flashback of me sitting at a bar when i was about 6 drinking my shirly temple and asking my mom if i could drink some of her bloody mary, at freaking 6 years old.... and i love those dayum things i dont know why. then my mom starts telling me all these fucked up stories about how all her xboyfrens would give her free coke to win her over and how she used to love it...and i was like wtf? and she's like your dad used to bring huge packs of ice and coke down here in his boots and sell it to your uncle....and i was like wtf? its so fuckin fucked how fucked up my family is i cant even begin to explain, marriages, drugs, sex, kids from 10 different girlfrens/boyfrens.... i fuckin trip man.... what the fuck is goin on with my family..... when the fuck will they shape the fuck up. it fuckin shames me.... im truly sadend.
  7. im fuckin hella busted and its 620 am. what the fuck???!!!!????
  8. i drink to get hella wasted and forget about all the shit i have to deal with..... just to have fun i guess.
  9. just

    road flares!

    click it or ticket foooooo
  10. i missed it.. can someone fill me in on what happened pa pa pa please.
  11. yup. you know me, ive been known to tear it up!
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