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  1. spodieottieydopalicious

    That Brooklyn Bullshit...We on it.

    nice post im diggin all of them old trains are the shit.:crazy:
  2. spodieottieydopalicious


    ok eveybody as you know 12oz was down fora while what are your theroys on what our good oll boy seeking did while his lifeline was cut off. i mean it must be depressing to not being able to dis people for 2 weeks.:P
  3. spodieottieydopalicious

    union pacific specific

    nice post man im feelin them all bro keep it up:D
  4. spodieottieydopalicious

    big aussie post

    word on that worse i jsut love that.
  5. spodieottieydopalicious

    SF photos

    man nice post i really like that trixter truck eveything else is just lovely as well.
  6. spodieottieydopalicious

    Anyone have any Skeme pics?

    word those flicks are nice http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//biggrin.gif'>
  7. man y did you jack those.....if ya had love for graf then you would go get your own its not that hard.
  8. nice man 46er and kape are my faves.
  9. spodieottieydopalicious

    my kind of graffiti

    oh my god this is like the best post ever http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//eek.gif'> http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//eek.gif'> good job man.
  10. spodieottieydopalicious


    gosh i just love clean trains and the ones in this post are no exception.
  11. spodieottieydopalicious

    Canvas styles

    they look really nice man!!! i have no quams abuot any of em.
  12. spodieottieydopalicious

    up and bored...all caught in va..

    gosh man nice catches man really nice catches hehe.
  13. spodieottieydopalicious

    Old streaks...new peeks...(9/22 edition)

    the solo artest ahhhhh.
  14. spodieottieydopalicious

    pysa ,zeser, and what not...

    those letter are very nice i just love that form nice post man.