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  1. how was the download process for those brushes. large file? I wanted to load about 2 dozen of them. I didn't get a chance yet.
  2. Nice LInks, took along time to look threw those brushes but it was well worth it. I had that same desktop photo, now I have the other one with the black background
  3. honestly the 6x9 tablet is the perfect size. it fits right on my desk and has plenty of drawing room. once you go bigger you run into the problem of were to place it on your desk. Tesseract that is exactly the effect I was going for. I already accomplished that I was just tring to get it transparent so I can place it on any color background like you just did.
  4. had a similar problem with my g3, it was a bad memory card. I bought one of those 128mb discount cards. BIG MISTAKE! also just try removing it from the computer and re insert. might be lose connection.
  5. snapcase is a great band, one of my first shows at the tune inn with them and earthcrisis, great show. caught awhile ago with boy sets fire, time in malta (great band) and atreyu (another great band)
  6. I was just trying out illustrator 10. there is a splatter brush that gets that spray effect to a point. still have to fool around with it. there is also the warp feature that can make the drip effect you were talking about. I have a intuos pad it works great. I just need to find a usb adapter for it. my old computer was g3 just got a g4 and it wont hook up.
  7. I just got illustrator 10 a few days ago, I'll have to read up on how that drip effect can be accomplished. thanks for the info so far.
  8. nice work. did you scan those letters in or use illustrator. Im doing something to that effect now. I dont remember seeing the joker stuff you guys are talking about. Is there a thread with his work. I saw some canvas work. both those sites are good
  9. same here but unfortunetly we get these dumb photos and other remarks. check out www.phong.com they have some really good photoshop tutorials. I just did some marker throw-ups and scanned them in very high res then converted them to art via streamline. They came out real clean and you can easily bring them into illustrator and resize and change colors.
  10. from what I hear if you use the airbrush feature with a graphic tab you can get the same effect. the new painter pro has some cool effects also.
  11. Cool deal, I'll give that a try. thanks
  12. Thank you El Mamerro. Thats exactly what I was asking. I sprayed a piece of white paper then scanned it in. I tried bringing it into stream line but that made it a mess. I used the magic wand in photoshop to select it as a seperate layer, now I can place it in top of any photo. I still want to see if there is a way to bring it into illustrator clipped nice and clean. I was just looking at the new cave in cd cover. thats exactly the effect im looking for.
  13. like I said before, if you dont have any graphic design questions or info dont waste your fucking time, boosting your damn posts count.
  14. Ok you can now shut this thread. I thought Id give 12oz one more try, but I forgot how childish you are.
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