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  1. haha man your a cocksucker of the highest variety, im getting him to email me about paint, learn 2 read man. Everyone told me before i took a trip 2 america yanks were arrogant, when i went over there i thought they were really friendly people, lucky i didnt go 2 your area coz you smoke cock.
  2. All your posts are sarcastic bullshit asre1ne, get a life man go out and paint or some shit, instead of replying stupid bullshit
  3. another of us fallen for the cause :( sad paint heavens gates bro
  4. we are leaving? what the fuck are u on about
  5. sweet as, hit me up on email bro, b_dogg_187@hotmail.com
  6. You lucky bitch :) painting with him is luckehhh yeah man they are one of the dopest crews ive laid my eyes on, ocupy is just so so so clean, unreal
  7. oh my email is b_dogg_187@hotmail.com btw i also went into the city yesterday and ocupy's dopest rooftop got painted over :( :( :( grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Cant really say it without soundin sus and shit, but if any of the WCA boys read up in 12oz, hit me up on my email, just to say watup, WCA have basically inspired me to start painting, ive taken train trips to the city and back 2 just see if ocupy's putting up some more of his crazy crazy shit 4 us to see. So if any of ya'll know any of the WCA artistz ask em 2 chuck me an email, it'd mean a lot peace Mad props and respect to :king:WCA and also :king:RDC even if i dun get a reply
  9. TechRGK

    anybody know??

    i mean 'why the fuck would anyone tell you where a high profile writer now lives, cops float around here like turds in a bowl.' thats better
  10. TechRGK

    anybody know??

    He appeared in some really funny movies too, namely 'up in smoke' 'still smokin' and even in 'spy kids' i believe, hope u find him man hes a really funny guy :) fully WTF would anyone tell you where the fuck i high profile writer lived, cops float around here like turds in a bowl.
  11. Hit me up on email man, b_dogg_187@hotmail.com wanna scope out that krylon terracota u can get peace.
  12. LoL i laugh at all these fuckheads bagging you man, why bag him, so what if hes a toy or wateva now, we should help each other to spread graff to more people. Why not help and encourage the dude? I bet all of you asked exactly the same question to someone when u started out. so pull your heads outta your asses. Im not sure i can answer your question dude, as i havent asked the questions myself, even through ive been writing heavily for bout a year and half now. Ive heared and i assume it would be 'one and only' like like the 'one', dont quote me peace.
  13. Thanx everyone for the help Well without jinxing it, looks like im fairly out of the woods, they would have at least called me into the station in 4 weeks for sure, cops are direct or not at all here in aus. thanks to ABC expecially, hit me up on email b_dogg_187@hotmail.com , good 2 hear from aussie writers peace 1.
  14. man mr.ABC, im not some newbie fuckin crayon bombing cunt, i know wats up right, if i knew of a dope ol' school crew going by ANC, i'd rename as a mark or respect. ocupy from WCA is basically my graff inspiration day in day out, his fills man, his creative flair, is unlike anything, anyways i dun write drp, nor would, and much respect to them, peace.
  15. 1) DRP is a friends crew, so i dont give a fuck what they do, its their problem, im just shouting out to em coz they are my boys 2) ANC is my crew which are a division of the Kambo Klowns, which u may have heared of, basically they are over 600 members strong and i got my back. I dont write DRP, so i dont take kindly to your dont write it or else shit peace.
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