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  1. Bump That. Love that color scheme.
  2. I dunno, couple heads painted, but I guess something about the boys got "tipped off" that "Fat Joe" was gonna be up there, so they deaded it... hahaha, wow. Anyone get flicks of the walls that day?
  3. Anyone planning on heading down to Boom Bap?
  4. H.I. REO, If you get this, PM me. Haven't seen you since You = ( Da\/\/n ) and Me = ( SaR/\H ). Get at me! I found some hilarious old flicks. -B
  5. New Faces AWES (CT) -and- OME (ATL)
  6. Is that blame from Boston? ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  7. JESO!

    Tampa Trains

    Thanks Guys, good lookin' out ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  8. JESO!

    Tampa Trains

    Unknown trains caught last weekend. Let me know if you know who they are. Icer? http://www.static-design.com/images/graff/Icer_unknown-small.gif'> (Tampa, July 2001) http://www.static-design.com/images/graff/running-2-small.gif'> (Tampa, July 2001) http://www.static-design.com/images/graff/running-3-small.gif'> (Tampa, July 2001) http://www.static-design.com/images/graff/running-small.gif'> ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'> [This message has been edited by JESO! (edited 08-02-2001).]
  9. BUMP For ELK, he is on some different shit I swear. ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  10. JESO!

    Various VA

    Yo, check out how bad that piece to the right of phone's got dissed... Damn! ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  11. JESO!

    Elk Sighting?

    HAHAHA, Douchebag, that wasn't really what I was looking for, but I guess that'll work.. good one. Nah the elk that paints in the d.d.dirtay dirtay. P.S. I heard Caribou are good eatn's ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  12. JESO!

    ome flix

    I like it, that green color is pretty hot. bump. for cleanliness. ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  13. Can you post any elk flix you might have, that kid is raw. -Thanks ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  14. bump. ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
  15. bump, for the ghost and chick. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'> ------------------ http://www.static-design.com/images/jeso-tag.gif'>
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