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  1. buffalostance


    why? they've got transits....why settle for second best.
  2. anything by t.m is usualy alright by me....nice stuff
  3. funny thing is that all the Americans i know and love would be laughing at your dumb ass right about now....
  4. ...go wrestle some crocs!?...oh man you told me a thing or two....i'd continue with the shit talking but i'm sure you have to get back to important things like watching Rikki Lake, or starting another glam rock band....or line dancing around ya ten gallon hat..or whatever you supreme beings do. If we went to war with australia we would kick their ass?!.....you used to get beat up at school alot huh!
  5. no wait, wait...Def Leppard?!...right?!........corny fucker.
  6. alemo... [This message has been edited by buffalostance (edited 08-13-2001).]
  7. well if your having troubles finding it, the chances of me getting it on this island is less than none....woe is me..it is a nice colour though...thanks anyway cracked.
  8. Autumn gold you say...can you give me a brand for this said colour.... Your pieces have progressed greatly from when i first saw your work here Mess.....more power to ya....smeoo
  9. not bad molesta..i don't mind the idea of the L coming through the O either..yep it sits o.k wit me.
  10. wish i'd been there...looks like some good work was done.
  11. yeah i've tried once or twice to use that sketchy style on pieces but it usually takes forever to excecute and it comes out kinda messy looking...but i do prefer it, i just need to practice up on it a bit more...thanks for ya input.
  12. i saw a documentary on Bob Hope the other day.....that is all.
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