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  1. where can a man get a good philly cheese steak?
  2. just wait till it happens you know you'll be paying someone like $1000 hahahaha i laugh at you....
  3. dood the funniest skit is Will Ferrol acting as harry carry..."what would you rather have, a ham sandwich or mad cow disease?" hahaha thats gets me rolling around dying for breath. "ooh good i thought you were gonna say mad cow!" hahahhaha
  4. Hey if pigs could fly then you know how many people would owe something to someone else. holy crap you gotta think about it. "yea i'll do it....when pigs fly" you know you've said something like that atleast 500 times...
  5. Okae well i tried all that and i ended up cutting my hair off. its gone now and i dont look as studdly as i did before...thanks anyways people.
  6. Okae my hair is getting really gross. Its starting to look like a fungus now with all this peanut butter, cooking oil, and butter in it. I'm gonna have to cut it off now, but it might be a little bit tuff with all this crap in it...
  7. All it did was make it all greasy slimey..any other suggestions?
  8. How do you get gum out of hair? I kinda need to know right a way....
  9. Midgets need lovin to. Is there any lucky ladies in here for big Willy?
  10. You aint doing shit if your not 21.
  11. wait 4th of july is going to allow me to blow up my neighbors cat like ive always wanted to.....oooohh mr fluffs your gonna get it this year!
  12. i think willy is cool, he's fresh, he's hip.....willy is hip with it. know what i mean?
  13. I think Mr Wonka is a misunderstood guy. You saw how sad he was when that guy tried to take his everlasting gobstopper. i feel your pain man...i feel your pain
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