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  1. we need brazil from maya
  2. LMNO?

    im bored

    Tight, letters colors and characterz, you got it all and well the chainsaw in the teddy bear killer peice is my fav
  3. thnx...yeah nurbs and polys for those, that seam on the alien is supposed to be there, it is used in alot of facial blend shapes and expressions that are on him, yeah i animate and do 3d for a living Peace
  4. Ya man, thats lookin good, heres a couple screens of some characters i modeled in school a year or so backhttp://www.thoughtpatternz.com/images/graff/maya.jpg'> http://www.thoughtpatternz.com/images/graff/maya1.jpg'> peace
  5. that one with the grid and the other "dark smear ones" are fuking tight defy damn
  6. Flaminhobo, Lets see some more, I work in maya too...no renders here though, shit looks tight....some old oneshttp://www.thoughtpatternz.com/images/graff/12.jpg'> http://www.thoughtpatternz.com/images/graff/13.jpg'> :o
  7. LMNO?

    my new sketches

    HOLY SHIT !!!! I havent been here in like 9 months, and it is a blatant state of pity when someone bites not only a fukin proven and respected writers name but goes that extra bit further to bite his crew name also, DOOD, WAKE UP!!!!, WTF is wrong with the world? :mad:
  8. Mine 1994 cadillac fleetwood brougham Corvette LT1 14x7 KO's triple blk now 4 pump hydros(2 whammy tanks) all chrome gold continental kit on order with 5th E&G classic grill on order also 2 6" screens PS2 re paint over winter http://www.thoughtpatternz.com/images/new_ride.jpg'>
  9. Flossin lots Allhopesdie...Impressive stuff
  10. Jesus!!!...Big Lurch, if im not mistaken, was a dope mc from "Cosmic Slop Shop"..He had a dope flow,deep voice style...if its the same guy...thats fuked right up..:confused:
  11. LMNO?


    I like stuff here...lots....code is flossy
  12. Blend tapes n B2B's.
  13. tru...I'd like to throw an extra + or two on that misery peice's A+ too please ;)
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