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Mr. Bob Dobolina

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  1. isa durtee sowth... atlanta owns you. ------------------ t r a i n s
  2. i caught those bottles n cans over in UK very ill that a writer gets exposure like that now that i think about it i should have brought a few bottles back to the states could have sold dem bitches oh well at least i seen em with me own eyes... oh and the plastic bottle are a larger and therefore better image then the short cans... try and find a flick of those for the full effect. and dont forget... fight corporate AMERICA. ------------------ t r a i n s
  3. i beileve graffiti was intended to fight corporate america not support it. fuck sprite, fuck mountain dew they know what sells and love exploiting it. sure whoever did the shit got well paid but sold out the rest of our culture, its not called underground because everyone likes it and feels it.then again with todays "whats hot n whats not" type of world im sure it was only a matter of time but props to the artist being exploited cuz im no hater.as for me ill keeping drinking toliet water and colt 45 cuz i always obey my thirst. oh and i think it was Dream who did the mountain dew not sure if it was the dead one or another one but im about 70% sure it was some kind of dream..... if i catch that mountain dew truck im bombing it harder then iraq. fuck the system. ------------------ t r a i n s
  4. SBone in atlantas been hittin trains for a very long time, longer then your friend im guessing maybe he should of done his homework?
  5. what state was that super flick taken in those are my lame ass old tags to the left just wonderding where that line ran too... ------------------ t r a i n s
  6. shit is wack with a capital ACK ------------------ t r a i n s
  7. this appears at the bottom of the screen when viewing the decals "All images are the property of Blair Line and may not be used without permission." i thought that was funny considering they werent thiers to begin with i guess im gonna start adding the circled c on my stuff.then again itd be dope to have a train sticker with one of your long forgotten pieces on it.
  8. i like that one wall with the news and ease tags on it reminds me of home ------------------ t r a i n s
  9. yeah atlanta woohoooo ------------------ t r a i n s
  10. met owns the rails. ------------------ t r a i n s
  11. gawd damn i luv dem trains. ------------------ t r a i n s
  12. AKB, more kids from the dirty south showing yall how its done. tight post though, bumpity bump bump like my trunk. ------------------ t r a i n s
  13. i caught a fatso low hauler the other night in atlanta just some tags in white and a hollow but i thought it was cool cuz i seen him on here... ------------------ t r a i n s
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