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  1. muthafuckin, Uz, Eatfuck, Adapt and Msft keeping that shit rowdy
  2. Re: attention etards-party in the stl.... He doesnt look very RWPish....to me...But neither does Myk...haha nigger
  3. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/504/16833/p/414401_9187348881603627707_vl.jpg'> Muthafuckin Detok Throwing down for the RWP....niggaz know
  4. hXc

    Awake Like An Owl...

    my ride, my ride. it dont fake, steal, cheat, or lie
  5. Wise End is gunna get his fucking grill smashed. Caping my shit for no reason. He thought i was TB casue i didnt sign my name next to a piece. fuck that kid he is gettign split.
  6. bump to niggers and white trash fucks in the graffiti world. Werd up from the stockton homies
  7. Re: missed fo sho! keep it death metal RWP GANG recognize
  8. Neck face kills shit. That guy did herra dirt in the city im from. Stockton, Ca. i hear he got rolled here and had to bounce to new york. No one gets away with shit here. Some LA homies got rolled here too..haha fuck this place
  9. Serious Business For Serious People:dazed:
  10. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ht...kilallofu/graffcon.JPG'> http://www.geocities.com/kilallofu/graffcon.JPGhttp://www.geocities.com/kilallofu/graffcon.JPG'>
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