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  1. Yes, but Aeon Sneiz and Mukis are so very much up all over the place. those giant tags on broadway are tite.
  2. I had almost the exact same experience. we were smokin on this porch swing in the front of my friends house, and when we stopped i thought nothin was gonna happen. so i got up and went inside. within maybe 30 seconds at the most i felt really disconnected, like watchin a movie. weird shit.
  3. nice. mopius you're from boulder/denver right......
  4. bump. some of the best sketches i've ever seen.
  5. Get her phone number and just give her a call. You'll be surprised how easy it is if you just talk with her.
  6. royal9001


    hey suburban bum you from boulder/denver?
  7. this kid i know just got his 1st week of leave from the army. he dropped outta high school, and didn't have a job so he thought that the army was his only option. After joining, tho, he got immensely sick of it and went A.W.O.L. The only reason he's not in jail as of this moment is because he turned himself back in. Once you're in, you're in for four years. DO you really wanna blow four years of your young life being told what to do every day?
  8. it'll be ill until george dubya sends you to Iraq and you get smothered with Saddam Insane's wonderfully illegal aerosal chemical weapons. itsa good way to get $$$ for college, couple of my friends did it, but not very fun.
  9. my worst was when i was attempting to do a noseslide, and i got going way to fast to do it, so i just jumped off the back of my skate. it broke my tibia, or the smaller of your leg bones. now i don't get to skate until 1 week before school starts. this displeases me greatly. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//frown.gif'>
  10. royal9001

    coyote ugly

    Lean Rhimes gives me nightmares so this wasn't a good movie for me to see.
  11. i like the turtle. its fucking adorable.
  12. I'm quite sure of it now that there is almost no point in putting your startin sketches etc. on the net, for the main reason that those who will be seeing it won't *actually* criticize it. They'll probably say something like "why don't you just put your head in a woodchipper you suck so much? get the fuck out of here toy." WHAT THE FUCK. EVERYONE must have started somewhere, bitten someone elses style and had fairly average sketches. Now, assuming you're a fairly normal human being, you're not just going to sit in a corner creating your own style and refining it until its perfect. You're probably going to ask someone(s) with experience for feedback. But, of course, GOD BLESS THE INTERNET for providing a nice shell for people to sit behind. Cut the behind the keyboard aggressive shit AND SAY SOMETHING MODERATELY CONSTRUCTIVE........
  13. Both of em are nice I like the top one better tho.
  14. so you mean break it up, and make each letter more individual, or just make the entire thing less complicated? also, not to be a pain in the @$$, could you post something "simple"? i know it sounds stupid but I never really had a chance to see anybodys beginning simple sketches, so.... [This message has been edited by royal9001 (edited 06-19-2001).]
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