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  1. thanks, that clears some stuff up for me. THE LAW is knowledgable on this subject? perhaps he will drop some gems for me.. lets assume i already tried to search for it retards..
  2. I'm writing this paper for school, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Aesthetics or the 'psychology of art'. It would be mad helpful if anyone could help, or give me links, or anything. Thanks.
  3. hey!! where did you get that flick of the phomer tag on that train? i swear i took that photo! did you trade with someone.. i forget who i traded that with..
  4. so i saw this shitty movie called "dont say a word" or something. it was retarded. but there was this part, if anyone has seen it, where this guy is explaining the psychology of stealing, he said its to releive yourself of a prior feeling of guilt. I thought that was cool, and wondered if anyone has heard of any similar analyses of graff, why kids write psychologically speaking. you know, outside of something to do when your drunk and or depressed..
  5. it's pretty bad ass how your stickers are upside down.
  6. do you have any idea how much of a retard you sound like?
  7. its been a while since i said "holy shit" out loud when going through these flicks...
  8. i heard of a guy who duct taped bags of hair all over the L in chicago. thats fucking graffiti. fuck all of you.
  9. its midnight. hapy birthday nerdo. (this is my excuse for not getting you a present.) woot woot. three cheers for nerd!
  10. bump for my two homies. looking goooooood.. woot woot abis: i NEED a copy of that first photo
  11. are those flicks yours? i'd love to trade some. drop your email adress, if you're interested... thanks.
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