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  1. yes hot damn and yes hell yeah ill pay for your work but i can only afford to pay you w/ cracker jacks. ive heard there a high commodity and and willing to dish out as many crackers and yes jacks as possible cause im a big fan!!!!!!!!! p.s. i couldnt talk to you much in ma ,but when your in ny we will treat you like a king yeahhh! p.s.s i love being treated like a king!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. its funny cause pac man gets up that way and to be "pac" certafied in a fire department is a certification to be able to use a breathing aperatess
  4. what poster they have many of posters and lots of numbers and what would you genuises say if you did call the number. nothing. you would have nothing to say .
  5. that kid hater from hawaii is one ill mother fucker
  6. that shit is john blazin son. he he
  7. has a new wuws come out yet ive havent been keeping up to date w/ all thats been going on and all. ha ha
  8. gonna be in the area in a week or so , and would like some info, so whoever would be so kind please email or im me bigmikeent@aol.com thanks to all
  9. the one to the left of the one w/the lil kid looks dope, who did that one
  10. isnt art is supposed to make you think.
  11. where is staesss where is STAE'S peice, why does he get no love i see the td4 he drew but where is his peice????????? i also see it got cut off, thats really cool too. yeahhhhh big up conn~!!!!
  12. i think everyone bites unless ure the futuras, the dondis, etc... eeryone is influenced in one form or another..... i mean its not cool to straight up take letters, but to be influenced i dont see much wrng with that.... maybe im blind but i didnt see as much vickig of style as people ave said....(but i may have seen oneor two)
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