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  1. Make sure good BBQ is served at the Jam.
  2. you coulda atleast made the memphis shot recognizable by putting the "new" bridge in there. How old is that bridge now, 25?
  3. I shot some stuff tonight, climbed up a mountain above the treeline, set up camp finished off a roll of color and popped of some black and white. Decided that shivering all night in a tent at 13,000ft wasnt a good way to spend the night. I'll post em when they get developed.
  4. Here is a variety... all can be found at http://www.usefilm.com/photographer/13817.html Shot using a few different cameras, Rebel G, Elan7e and Lubitell 166u for the medium format shot at the end.
  5. Shot this with my medium format camera on a test roll in my old neighborhood Same roll, this time in the SantaFe art district of Denver.
  6. Good to see some memphis cats gettin up.
  7. damn, did you shoot these with super8 film camera or what?
  8. funny how aede's piece looks like the old background he "stole". ha ha, just joshin ya. I did notice that color paint elsewhere though...
  9. gotta love the rex2! making the sissy colors look cool.
  10. wow, I edited that as soon as I posted and you replied while I was fixing it. Thats amazing
  11. I am working on an online magazine(.pdf file for adobe acrobat) that features photography, art, graphic Design as well as some graffiti, possilby music and video reviews or whatever else gets submitted. the key is that content is Submitted! If you want more info on this email me at 20in_CHAOS@excite.com and I'll give you more details. So be creative and then send in the offspring of your creativity. So far I have a nice freight section and soon some B&W photography from a recent trip to NYC. (remember, just because things are submitted doesnt mean they will be used!)
  12. I'm gonna steal all these flicks. but hey thats just part of my gangsta whit
  13. not diggin some of the stuff, but i'll keep my mouth closed on it. but hey atleast someone's getting up unlike my lame ass with responsibilities and shit.
  14. hey chode, I just thought of a spot that I havent shown you downtown but some of those look like they could be from there. I just got over half of those flicks in an instant message, I thought that yard looked familiar...nasty nasty ville.
  15. I saw a new piece up in nashvegas of a certain person in TM who was in memphrica recently. I saw the spot and thought it was a good spot, next day the peice is there.
  16. retard, you got any pictures of newwer rasp stuff? i saw some of his bombs on the innerstate going to work the other day and i enjoyed it.
  17. Some people need to learn some history.
  18. retard, have we met maybe? I'm his amigo down in da boro. I thought AK was dead? at least thats the impression i got. and what happened to that aborigoni mother fucker?
  19. bump cause i havent talked to that kid in about a week so he probably has atleast 10 new things up.
  20. i got some home boys from the 757 VA beach area. too bad they turned into hippies.
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