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  1. Does anybody here read any Albert Camus? He's simply amazing. If you are a lit nerd like me I highly suggest Albert Camus.
  2. Kids are fucking lame. Remember when being poor was something you were ashamed of? Now you fucking kids put water on your cereal when you got milk in the fridge. You eat hot sauce sandwiches when you know damn well there is a package of turkey in the fridge behind your parent's caviar.
  3. These situations rarely get better. In every relationship there is a balance of power. When that balance is uneven one partner flourishes while the other agonizes. It seems as if both you and your partner gew together and changed together. You probably aren't the same as when you first met. I do commend you for sticking by her though, but I think really sometimes you have to move on. Well since you shared your twisted tale of love here is mine. Love came at a time of desperation on my part. I was young and wanted nothing more then to be rescued. I underestimated my own strength and wit so I settled for much less then I should have. I fell real hard. It was that young first love type of fallen. We all know girls fall pretty hard....and he fell hard too. We were all we had. Maybe it wasn't even love but just desperation, so anyways here we were holding so tight we couldn't breathe. It only took one month for him to move in with me. Things were beautiful for those first few months. We'd wake up next to eachother and roll around on my bed kissing and laughing and everythign was alright. He got a job and we both moved into a really cute tiny apartment. It was all I ever wanted. Shit happened. He lost his job and hit the bottle really fucking hard. He hit the bottle and he crashed. Soon everything was gone. He was homeless had nowhere to go. His car was dying. His life was practically ending. Alcohol changed him. I watched him destruct. I was there all thenight he sat awake drunk and sobbing pleading that I slit his throat in his sleep. I was there when nobody else was. We became so close it was sick. Soon he changed. He became so upset with where his life was going he just snapped. He became very abusive. I hurt somuch for him, but I knew I had to leave him. It took alot of strength and alot of on and off between me and him. I just couldn't bear to leave him in such a frail state. Finally I knew I had to end it. I knew it was becoming too much. Now I was drinking and wanting to die. I knew that if I didn't end it me and him were both going to kill ourselves together. We'd plan it out even. Finally I ended it. He flipped and did a shitload of coke and moved. I hear now he's all fucked up on heroin and not doing well. After all the fucked up things he did to me which are too painful to mention on this board my heart still goes out to him. Love is fucked.
  4. Shameful entries of the scrape face diaries. Itchy skin epiphany, laceration remorse. Slipping into the murky sludge face arena. The water will wash away the blood, focus for two seconds and just look at it. The water the slime the blood. It's all there, but half of you is away. How often do you think about these things? Another silly two second epiphany? Take these burdens, wash them away, scrub me raw. Just unbind me like the life long sinner purchasing a bible with stolen money. Would you sell your soul to be released? Bye bye soul. Say your prayers or if it fits you better just say "some days are beautiful".
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