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Big Mac

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  1. I know it's crazy. This week I've died like 3 times. when you're a mad "graffer" like me . God gives a second and even a thord chance. crazy
  2. To many words. as soon as I saw rollerbades I lost interest.
  3. hey buddy! I got some fresh shit for ya. Strait from my dogs asshole. Post your address and I'll hook you up with this ill, phat, tight n sick shit.
  4. Big Mac

    family writing

    some times I tape a pen to my dick and let it tag while I bomb! Forget handstyle.
  5. Where I live it's the complete oposite. FUCKIN COLD! ever seen paint freeze right outta the can? fuck
  6. I was goion through some of my moms old school work and noticed she used to doodle the name les all the time. I asked her about it and she said she had always been interested in it but never made anything of it. I think that's why she down with me doin it. Peace
  7. Big Mac

    New Bench

  8. I can almost taste the clenlyness of that place.
  9. What awate of space. FAIL http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//mad.gif'>
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