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  1. i hate when guys write toy over something, its like WOW what an observation!
  2. i still wanna know what program he used, or was it a sketch you colored in illustrator or photoshop? C'MON TELL ME!!!! is it a CAD program?
  3. http://photopoint.com/KTS.jpg'> i dont know either?
  4. there is no m in stiches my bad i mean the H, at first glance it looked like a fucked up m
  5. the s is alright, im not feeling the middle of the m though, maybe try to make the last s look like the first one in over all shape(like the bottom half, make it closer together)
  6. i like it..... add a hot fill and your set, go paint
  7. "thats if your rascist or your crooked/arrest me for this dope i didnt weigh it up or cook it/ gotta charge the world cuz over a million people took it/ look at me im out of your juristriction NOW WHO'S LOOKING STUPID!" - Big Boi "daddy fat sacks" thats my shit!
  8. hahahaha no. i only asked that cuz your site listed a ton of those writers from connecticut(where i live) and i've never seen any of their stuff(i dont get out much either so that helps too) be easy
  9. did u draw around her nipples? it looks like theres something there.
  10. oh shut up! im tired of hearing dudes shit on younger cats telling them never to post, new guys need all the criticism/advice they can get, would you rather have him keep all his work to himself so then he gets the impression that he kicks ass only to start painting up everything in site with crap work? alright then
  11. theres also some cheap-o cans you can get thats the same color, but their small cans a little bigger then short cuts.
  12. looks more like fags get schooled....
  13. question is....... did you hit it? and if you did, and did it doggystyle, did you grab a marker and bomb her back?
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