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  1. North of Denver I live north of denver, where the scene is pretty much dried out except for a select few..I always go through Denver , they got shit goin good there I seen some nice shit, But i always wanted to see more free way and street boms....i been wanting to gett up forever in Denver...but i aint know any writers that r LIVE ....plus no transportation....but Denver kids should get at me e mail Disbetony@yahoo.com exchange some flicks
  2. Can someone tell me bout the last pic with chip and a 'VE' outline....I see that VE everywhere i go
  3. IM A NORTH JERSEY DWELLR..personally I give repect to whoever is killin shit Whether NORTH or central..keep Jersey a WHOLE....
  4. old bombs.....you said please post http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1725766&a=13269802&p=51305581&Sequence=0&res=high'> CEAP
  5. jinks you need to quit focusing on crews.....try to get nicer at sketchs...then eventually walls..
  6. WOW,,,,nice post...that giant is nice
  7. SEW,Themo,Tkid.......nice love your work AST... [This message has been edited by ceapDSM (edited 06-30-2001).]
  8. that toys by done was nice.....verynice
  9. ceapDSM


    I heard B4 "Sketches are just a blueprint for a piece" I agree with that comment..
  10. I LOVE THE CHARACTERS...keep it up
  11. be consistant..... I agree with..(choosing a different name) sketch daily....but very nice sketchs..
  12. Anyone got pictures of the NJ sound barriers....???
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