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  1. AlphaMega


    I quit 3 weeks ago i feel better that i did and i have only taken random busts off other ppls grits when im high
  2. $11 I had 25 but i spent it on a cLOUDDEAD cd but it was fucking worth it
  3. AlphaMega


    I HATE GIRLS. The thing that pisses me off the most is that ugly girls always like me and im an asshole to them cause they annoy me so there good looking friends then hate me for being mean to them.The second thing is if a good girl actually approaches me i either A.) get so shy and flustered with words that i make a fool of myself or B.)I'm out of state.THrd those bitches (Note: I dont think ALL girls are bitches) that really think they are the best thing ever fucking created I feel like Yelling at them"GET OVER YOURSELF YOU THOUGHTLESS BITCH IF YOU TOOK 5 SECONDS TO REALIZE THAT NOT EVERYBODY LIKES YOU AND THINKS YOUR HOT AND NO ONE CARES THAT YOUR DAD BOUGHT YOU A FORD FOCUS AND YOUR GETTING PAINTED PINK AND YOU HAVE A STICKER THAT EXCLAIMS YOUR A BRAT ON THE BUMPER"and the last thing which is the reason im so sexual frustrated The first time i ever asked out a girl she kicked me in the nuts i was 14? i wasnt even a fucking asshole about anything either i asked her to the dance and i get kicked in the nuts fucking great pay off bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also why do girls go out with total assholes That treat them like shit are mean to them dont even care about them besides fucking them?? AND NOW WHY I HATE MYSELF EVERYDAY I WAKE UP. There was this girl that i truly loved and still do,I met her through my bestfriends girl now ex.anyways i dont remember how it happened but we ended making out for a hour when that was done she said don't be afraid to ask me anything!hinting at ask me out which dumbass me didnt pick up on becuase i was to fucking shy well anyways inever asked her out and nothing more ever happened after that becuase im a idiot now ive seen her go out with 3 assholes that treat her like shit break her heart and not even care.WHY DIDNT I ASK HER OUT?i have no clue!?so now i sit home being depressed wondering why i cant find a girl smoking more weed which in turn makes me more depressed i cant even watch TV because it just makes me sadder so i go on the internet every day and sit here being usless feeling sorry for my self which helps nothing PROVEN FACT!nice guys finish last.Now ill just wait for someone to make fun of me and lower my already nothing selfestem
  4. Ive never tried this but my boss was telling me to do this last night get a real fine strainer and cooking oil put the stems into the strain and then place the strain in the pot filled with cooking oil and let it boil for 3 hours then take the strainer with the stems out of the oil and throw them out (or stick them up your ass if your a fucking fruit) then use the cooking oil with anything you can think of that needs it
  5. Teo you got some ill posts keep it up Bring'n back The old skool
  6. :eek: Me because i cant afford $50 a 8th Dont get me wrong dankies are fuckin sweet but too expensive give me a half of schwag and im happy cause that will last me at least 3 days instead of a hour
  7. AlphaMega

    playstaiton 2

    Gta 3 is the best game in the world its got a dissed Web-mta bomb and a rebel bomb on the wall of the basketball court! but even if it didnt have those its still the best game!!!!!!!
  8. THOSE ARE SOME GREAT TITS!Im really feeling ruens shit:eek:
  9. Like somebody said before These pictures are the reasons i got into graff ill shit thats made my day!
  10. I was thinking the same thing
  11. :idea: Silo that last canvas is fresh i can't discribe it with words!???! Mune post more of your work i like your style and Mac is one sick fuck his faces blown my mind:idea:
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