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Rod Rodgers

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  1. the top one is str8 pimpen to a 70"s groove baby!
  2. damn!!i just love that guys name so much!!! EATFUK hahaha beautiful!!!!
  3. you are all very kind people...i love you all!!! sorry i just had to say that...
  4. damn that chick has very sexual body,,,fuck the graffiti i wanna see more of the chick..Daaammmnnnn
  5. thats penis shot is very disturbing....
  6. some of those pieces would look really nice as tattoos...
  7. hairy niples and sideways hats!
  8. new pics on rod rodgers post!!!!!! peep em out!
  9. Some more piontless doodads!!!!!and a few more bars also!!! http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces1/pics/7.jpg'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces6/pics/2.jpg'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces5/pics/6.jpg'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces5/pics/2.jpg'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/trains/pics/9.jpg'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/trains/pics/8.jpg'> I"m gonna post more new doodads tommorrow..PEACE everyone...KD,b2B,FHW,ETC and the BIN1372!!!!
  10. oh makro where do you get sucj cool pictures...hahahahaa
  11. http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces6/fes2.htm'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/trains/fes9.htm'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/trains/fes8.htm'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/trains/fes7.htm'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/sketches/fes8.htm'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces5/fes2.htm'> http://server38.hypermart.net/fesgrafitti/pieces5/fes6.htm'>
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