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  1. daze comes through like busted condoms http://www.hatland.com/search2.cfm nice selection right thurr, but i seen the hats in my malls champ sports store, so check your nearest champs and see whats up.....just lets hope its not near that foot locker ;)
  2. this may or may not get closed so um, post while its hot Baby born with three legs Posted Thu, 24 Jul 2003 A baby boy born with three legs and two male organs around the hip in the St Elizabeth Hospital in Lusiksiki is to be flown to the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town on Thursday. Eastern Cape health MEC Bevan Goqwana said the baby was born to an 18-year-old woman identified only as Tobeka on Thursday. It was her first child. "It was supposed to be a twin delivery," Goqwana told Sapa. "The baby has one head, and around the hip it has two penises. It also has three legs as well as an undeveloped arm. "There is also no anus." Goqwana said the health department would pay for the flight to Cape Town as well as the hospital costs. The baby will be accompanied by its mother and a doctor on the flight to Cape Town. Sapa http://iafrica.com/news/sa/256986.htm ----- now the thread title makes sense......kinda
  3. hahah, nah for real i just like being a dick sometimes, however i do admit black people be pissin me off, 'specially when they be eyein my girl, spics too for that matter ;) -- and deto, thats cool, keep it in moderation....they got these new pink and black yankess/red sox fitteds....would go nice with your watch .wonk
  4. deto, do you wear pink all the time, or just on ocassion....just curious my nigger
  5. quite the contrary, white people and wiggers are different, just as blacks and niggers are :D
  6. http://i2.ebayimg.com/02/i/01/3c/4e/e1_1.JPG'> Former United States Air Force facility located in Central Washington State 10 minutes off I-90 Underground Buildings: Power Dome - 125' diameter, 75' ceiling Control Dome - 100' diameter, 50' ceiling 3 - 155' deep Missile Silos 3 - Equipment Terminal Builings - 4 Stories 3 - Misc. Buildings adjacent to Silos Ex-Air Intake Building (Empty Useable Space) Ex-Air Exhaust Building (Empty Useable Space) 2 - Antenna Silos - 6 stories deep 1 - Entry Portal Building- 6 stories deep Underground tunnel level 5 stories below ground level. Underground has a constant unheated temperature of 55 degrees. Wall thicknesses 2 feet to 14 feet. Built to withstand a 1 MEGATON blast within 3,000 feet and survive! Private water system with 700' well. 3 Phase High-Voltage Power on site. Paved Roads. Original perimeter barbed-wire topped chainlink fence intact. Original 40' by 100' metal shop above ground. 2 manufactured homes on property. Ground water level approx. 600 feet below surface. THIS FACILITY HAS NO GROUNDWATER SEEPAGE. 360 degree view. Few Neighbors. Private, secluded location. Possible Uses: Ultra Secure, Ultra Private, Personal/Corporate Retreat World Class Winery - Plant Vineyard above, Store Vintage below Backup Data, or other long term storage Year Round Youth Camp or Boarding School 1 silo could be a 155' Rock Climbing Wall 1 silo could be a 100' deep SCUBA Training Pool APPOINTMENT REQUIRED FOR SHOWINGS DO NOT TRESSPASS OR DISTURB EXISTING TENANTS $3,950,000 Minimum Sales Price PREFER LEASE OR JOINT VENTURE I am especially interested in Joint Venturing for developing: Summer/Year Round Camp/Adventure Facility World-Class Winery, Cellars and Vineyards Bed and Breakfast/Resort Data Storage/Backup Facility
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...1&category=1607 click that shit...
  8. who remembers this game http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~derekyu/pr0n/images/alteredbeast.jpg'> POWWWWWWWER UP!!!! fuckin game was sick as hell
  9. haha, deto is funny, but um...who the hell is fatalist?
  10. what i dont get is why black people get all mad when us while folk use the word "nigger"....shit we made it up, we should be allowed to use it....you dont see us white people using words black people made up! nah j/k but to me words are just that, words, i call my friends gay when they do something stupid...doesnt mean i actually mean they are gay, just like when deto gets mad at a black dude, he calls them niggers...dont mean he means it, just because people say certain deragotory words dont nesesarily mean they mean it, nigger is an ok word in my book, daze one million, thats my name, and thats my promis
  11. my girl is about to get suspended from school tomorow....if she does get suspended she said she'll go to court with me in the morning.....i was never suspended in school.....i never had a detention either...or an 'f' you may have kicked this dudes ass in school....but i kicked ass at school emag eht wonk
  12. i love astrology/astronomy and time so interesting and yet so unknown time travel worm holes gravity intelligent life the list goes on, i only wish that id be around when they discover something like aforementioned
  13. yea ive heard bout this for some time now, but wether or not sedna is a planet may be debatable, but the fact that we discovered something new orbiting our sun is news on its own, this just goes to show how important our telescopes are (huble is due to be shut down for those who didnt know), personally i hope it is classified as a new planet...that kind of shit is dope, and again it just goes to show how little we know about space...shit we dont even know how many planets are in our solar system:eek:
  14. hey, pretty soon we wont even need a physical body....we'll just live through the wires of our pcs!!!!! i cant wait! :rolleyes: shits pathetic, go the fuck outside and meet girls, seriously
  15. yea that shit is mad wak...but what about the ass on the girl at the end of the video:eek:
  16. http://khaoswolfden.wolfden-enterprises.com/images/khaos_shcoolgirl.jpg'> "who me?"
  17. no clue, this is the first ive heard of him at all.......im not even sure if the "no namer" is actually a no namer
  18. hahaha, i dont follow much when it comes to music, all i know is that eamon got that song talking bout how his girl cheated on him and mario got that song talkin bout if his girl is cheating he dont want to know cuz he cant take it anymore....then out of the blue eamons ex makes a song saying that she cheated on him becaues it was his fault, and then some girl makes a come back song to mario saying that shes only cheating because he is, 'tis all i know
  19. thats a technical foul
  20. this is not to important of a thread but i was just curious as to what everyone thinks about this whole comeback song shit, it all started back with tlc making no scrubs, then i forget who came out with no pigeons, then i think beyonce had that independent woman song and some dude made a song bout that shit, but im not talkin bout them, im talkin bout that girl, frankie (eamons ex) making a come back song talking MAD shit to him, saying hes crying like a bitch, and what ever she did was his fault, saying she faked it ect ect, and then that mario song with the fugee beat, some girl i heard today made a comeback song taklin bout shes only "creepin" cuz he is and shit....i mean what the fuck
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