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  1. yea white, shit was fuckin insane, i shoulda took a picture
  2. haha thanks pffft, i mean we do try but anyway back on subject, i was at 7-11 today matter a fact and there was a white guy behind the counter :eek:
  3. i have the bra of the first girls tits i seen condom wrapper from the day i lost my virginity the photos i have totem, cope, ges, ect an emu egg cpap 1st place trophy on a roller coaster design 1st place art award in kindergarten (i was going up against 5th graders) 1st place art award in 5th grade (going against 8th graders) my cars title
  4. well upon my plot for world domination, i was looking for reasonably priced misslie bases, misslebasetrader.com didnt have much so i tried ebay, and low and behold
  5. nah i know, i was just being dumb, lol but i told my girl that joke a while back and she was laughing her ass off too
  6. respirator man, respirator
  7. thanks deto, didnt realize you answered my question in the other thread, yea shes a hottie, and since im allready taken, i will allow mr deto to have her, sorry i quit.....but he rocks the pink, what do you got to show for your self? :cool:
  8. someone let me know who fatalist is, please
  9. deto is pink nigga, dont get that shit twisted
  10. hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray
  11. why is asprin white? you want it to work dont you?
  12. not a big ai fan, but props were props is due.....if i was the coach i wouldnt have benched him though
  13. http://www.cnn.com/SHOWBIZ/9805/04/tonys/rosie.odonnel.jpg'> now theres a mother id like to kill
  14. those machines that sell used school girl panties and um....school girls in general......particularily sexy ones but if those demands are to great, its ok (i understand the difficulty in those shots)
  15. haha no one is laughing at the white jokes what are 3 things you can never give a black man 1.a fat lip 2.a black eye 3.a job ---- whats the difference between a large pizza and a black man a large pizza can feed a family of four
  16. nah id be lying if i said i was never depresed, but you dont see me whining about it, im just saying, hey its cool your depressed, your life sucks, what ever, but who cares really about someone elses problems, suck it up like a man and deal with um, otherwise dont complain
  17. i call big tits bazangos or bazankadanks spread the word like peanut butter and fluff you niggers
  18. hahahahahahahaha deto killed it hahahahahaa
  19. my life is the shit 1) go to school 2) got a beutiful girl 3) make mad money for being on the internet all night 4) got a car, thats starting to come along real nice 5) friends are the shit 6) sex is fucking great 7) stop being depressed complaining about all your "problems", shit is gay, if you got problems...face them....damn man for real
  20. this is were the fun part comes in, shoot it in the face with the left, or right penis?
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