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  1. suess dot? --- on subject, the whole deleting of posts in a political thread is stupid, the board is open for everyone, everyone from the most knowing of politicians to the most unknowning...if you dont like what one said, or dont agree, or think that its too childish, that really is your problem now isnt it? thats like having a thread about mixed drinks and someone suggests kool-aid and then deleting the post because kool-aid is a childish mixed drink, or having a thread based on favorite tv shows and someone suggests looney tunes and then deleting that post because thats a kid show, not the big boy adult shows like law and order or what ever the fuck, bottom line, the msg board is open for EVERYONE, if it wasnt raven would make limitations/requirements, and since he doesnt poeple just have to face the "problem" of teases posts, mainly for the fact that theres no real basis for deletion other than trying to be a dick for no reason....mods say tease is on thin ice as it is...why they gonna try and provoke shit? daze/ whos the childish one now?
  2. bully is definetly a dope ass song, this new one with d12, my band or what ever fuckin sucks....its like a joke, but whatever i like eminem as a person more than an artist ps the shady mobile is fuckin ill
  3. the salvation army that is.....lots of offense to those that shop and AE and A&F
  4. actually i hope it does become a trend....cuz only them wak ass pretty boys would be doing it....and i can laugh and make fun of them with my girl as they walk through the mall with no girl because they look like they crawled out of the salvation army bin no offense to those who shop there
  5. kinda true....specially when the special sauce gets all over your hands
  6. exactly, we all know that the only thing gay people give is head i kid i kid
  7. http://www.spcollege.edu/style/ed_pics/ed1/study.jpg'>
  8. la-teen-A no such thing as a latino female...thatd be like a she-male :lol:
  9. yea, it was directed towards me originally, but um yea, if the pussy is the case glik0 ol' pal, make sure you strap up...dont want no aids now :D
  10. i voted for mams' because he draws dope robots and is located at "tits" also that quote is played out allready
  11. not too much, only about 5221 x .75 + 75 :D
  12. thats one long ass make out session but the bleeding gums thing would be blood not saliva anyway, but i do get what your saying
  13. its a $75 dollar activation fee with 30 posts a month, each aditional post is $0.75 i take paypal
  14. nice work, i esspecially like "tittie twister" :D but um....this will prolly get closed if you sell your work off that site...kinda like tease and his shirt biz
  15. tease, one of the good friends i mentioned earlier that i have smokes weed every day, and is becomming some drinker, but that doesnt change the type of person they are, just because they are doing something you dont agree on shouldnt mean you cant be cool with them like that, however i do understand what you mean take my girl for instance, she doesnt smoke or drink, but she used too....if it were up to me she would never have ever tried a damn thing, but i like this girl a lot, is it right for me to not be with her just because of her smoking/drinking? i admit she no longer does those things, but if she still did, id still be with her....its just the way life is, people for the most part are gonna be drinkers/smokers and you're going to just have to put up with it just as if they had a different problem you may over look, i hope that made sense
  16. QUALITY OVER QUANITY TEASE just because you got 2 really close friends dont mean nothing, i rather have 2 real close friends then 20 non close friends, i my self have 2 real close friends, i paint with both of um, but we we're friends way before graffiti got serious, thats another way matter a fact to meet people, paint, and paint a lot, get really good, people will want to meet you......dont know if you seen the fx movie but did you see poem? no offense but dude looks like a fuckin loser, but hes down with fx and is boys with all of them cats because he paints....
  17. you can meet some real cool people at work, i love my co-workers and have developed freindships through work, so finding a job may just benefit you the most, you'll be making money, and perhaps new friends, another good way to meet people is through basketball, you like the game, we all know you do, go to a park your not familiar with just by your self and bring along a ball, see what kinds of kids you meet up either wanting to play you, or have you on thier team, and dont forget school is the prime place to meet people, get back in school and not only will you be bettering your self in the future you can also be making new friends, but if worse comes to worse my nigga, theres always friendster, im serious on that tip though, everyone on there is on there because they want to meet new people, just like you want to... good luck
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