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  1. *SITUATION UPDATE* got my trunk to stop rattling...somewhat....i used the t-shirt technique for now as a temp fix untill i can get down to a shop and get that weather seal
  2. some programs share .dll files, thats why your not supposed to just delete a program your supposed to uninstall it, that way you dont accidently delete something other programs use aol, and what ever programs hes trying to use are probably both trying to get info from that .dll file thats missing
  3. haha, when your the man, i was just trying to come up with some wild outrageous idea just to do it haha and you still came out with suggestions, thanks for the link...but i mean cmon who doesnt know about the bolt on kits ;)
  4. you know what i want, i want lambo doors in the front and lambo doors in the back, but instead of going up like normal lambo doors, in the back i want them to go up suicidally....make sense? thatd be an arm and a leg though huh
  5. thats exactly 7.142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857142857 per day
  6. runtime error, means your missing runtime files aka .dll files you need to reinstall those files in order for the program to function properly or the program will be forced to end...hence why you keep getting logged off
  7. yea ive seen some mantis' eat, it is crazy....i remember seeing one at recess way back when in elementary school....funny shit all the kids were surrounding it watching it just chill in the grass or what ever...then some kid stepped on it :rolleyes: but anyway man you aint no nerd you just know what you like http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon26.gif'>
  8. http://www.frankfrazetta.com/ff/bio/1960/neanderthal.jpeg'> "iquit, wonk saggin...ug"
  9. aint that like a stick bug? and out of curiosity why such a unique pet? what is it about um?
  10. LET ME SAY THIS BEFORE YOU POTENTIALLY FUCK SHIT UP PERMANENTLY my girl was good friends with this dude for a good amount of time and a few weeks back she was tellin him bout me and he tried to make a move and kiss her, she pushed him away and was completly disgusted, she has not spoke to him since, he stays continually callin her cell, trying to speak to her at school, talk to her brother and friends, as her boyfriend she told me that she wants nothing to do with him, that she thought of him as a brother and that what he did was disrespectful....dont make the same mistake
  11. his hand is dope, but not really feeling his style....id imagine that his walls would look a lot different than his fr8s....assuming he even paints walls that is
  12. tease dont do that gay shit like pretending to be someone else, its prolly the same dude who registered as mr_president or what ever.....maybe that heydriech guy....it does say modeling school under his location
  13. and if it wasnt illegal this would be my pet... http://www.benechemodels.com/graphics/site/j_lo_awards/full_size/pic_1.jpg'> she could sniff my crotch
  14. but if i can have anything...and i mean anything for a dream pet itd be... http://www.isgs.uiuc.edu/dinos/gallery/chris/velociraptor.jpg'>
  15. in all honesty this is my dream pet http://www.growf.org/photos/aud-zoo-white-tiger-4.jpg'>
  16. that kinkajew cost more than my car man...thats all ima say
  17. mayo, doritos, and pickle sandwich im dead serious, sounds gross but its good as hell i dont even like mayo and ill eat this shit
  18. anywhere from 2-4 times on average
  19. well first off, i do support the war on iraq....the war WAS justified, we were searching for weapons of mass destruction, wether they had them or not is irrelevent, we went in searching for them before it was too late, sadam brought it upon himself by not letting the people who search for that shit search everything they should, people can say we didnt have enough evidence to go in like we did...well to them i say if you think your lil sister/brother is about to get jumped by some bully, what would you do...wait for more evidence or are you gonna step to the bully....if you chose the wait option, your a bitch just like france, the patriot act is an invasion of privacy to an extent, the only reason why i dont like it is because i do illegal shit....if i was clean id have no problem, and niether would you....its like lettin the cop search your trunk when you know theres nothing in there, anyway reguardless of all that above, the majority of people AREN'T stupid, ever think so many people think that way because maybe just maybe theres reason too, i think the people that are stupid as fuck are the anti war bitches who are too scared to step to that bully daze/just mad cuz i tell it how it is and you tell it how it might be
  20. kill all dot heads....fuckin sand niggers, towel head mother fuckers
  21. yea, i never put boogie hands as an option in my polls that i post because for 1) i wasnt around to get how it was started and i feel if i were to include it as an option itd be fake...just like the new cats saying wonk saggin, and 2) you never get a real response its like 98% boogie and like 2% fuck the bitch or what ever other option, but um yea
  22. glik0 is about to cop an rsx...im pretty sure anyway im sure he'll have some input on this junction
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