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  1. dmx is dope, one of my top 5 favorites 1. Bone Thugs 2. Fabolous 3. DMX 4. Big Pun 5. Cash Money/Big Tymers no particular order
  2. i registered to vote this year, im voting bush because i like whats hes done, all you people dont like him because its trendy not too...but reguardless, bush will win because "no one" liked him then, just like "no one" likes him now....deep down i think people really do like what bush has done but are afraid to admit it for either a) jumping the bash bush bandwagon or B) dont want to admit that they secretly feel it was right to invade iraq and take out a potential threat i have no clue as too the percentages for the out come
  3. that shit happens to me at work like a bitch lately, i thought i was the only one...all i can find to fix it is reset the pc but damn this threads been here almost 24 hours and only 13 replies not counting mine....thats fucked
  4. nah ren is a chick, i know her "outside" of 12oz....in an electronic manor
  5. need for speed underground is fun and addicting, also gran turismo 4 is commin out soon...i think this month
  6. i never had a hero hero either, but id say the ninja turtles haha
  7. Props to When for hittin the Unstoppable status not only do you get my e-props you get some lovely e-gifts too :D http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/UNSTOPPABLE/images/lg-190585.jpg'> http://images-jp.amazon.com/images/P/1892049414.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg'> http://www.withinanother.com/Reviews/Unstoppable%20Force.jpg'> http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/4e/0a/1570713383-resized200.jpg'> http://www1.plala.or.jp/shalimar/cg2002/10000.jpg'> http://nekomikodai.otakalypse.com/l-10000.jpg'> http://www.izu.co.jp/~fal/cg/title/10000.gif'> http://www.encuentro2000.org/when.jpg'> http://www.sysmaker.com/infopro/x3j15/when.gif'> http://www.graffiti.org/hc/viikinmaki/when.jpg'> and last but not least.... http://www.benechemodels.com/graphics/site/j_lo_awards/full_size/pic_1.jpg'>
  8. you guys have been a real help, especially you when, since this is not real life i will give you e-props i hope that will suffice :D
  9. what is this foam rubber you speak of? what form does it come in, strips? self adhesive? is this what it was designed for? where did you get it from, home depot/lowes? am i asking to many quesitions?
  10. also tease, you should look into trying to work at an answering service, i know you can type.....i work at an answering service and get paid 11.33 for sitting on my ass all day answering the phone...your gonna get paid 10 to do blue collar shit...aint worth it...also starting were im at you get paid 8....thats less than 10 but money to work ratio is waaaaaay better
  11. i have to say though, my neighbors absolutley hate that i got the system....and i absolutley hate my neighbors :crazy:
  12. haha, but for real what was the problem with the runtime error
  13. i hear you on that...see i have a lil more respect than to bang my shit after like 9p...at least not in residential areas...but all in all i can really care less if others hear the bass for them selves, as long as i can hear it im straight, i just dont want my trunk lookin like im kidnapping kids in there or someshit
  14. thats a good suggestion, but that doesnt fix the problem, only avoids it....i say do a system restore...that is if you have win xp, if not then you can try reinstalling the modem drivers like arcel said, or even try to reinstall aol/ie
  15. yea ren, thats a little...um, nasty....and inconsiderate of your man friend
  16. so what was the problem?
  17. and a lightning bolt at the very end
  18. haha ghetto/nigger rigged/mickey moused and word to ear muffs, he knows the deal
  19. for the passengers/roadtrips/drive trough/parking lot/with your girl at some secluded spot/car shows/show off/and the list goes on....
  20. so thaaaaaats what this thread title was supposed to say...never would have figured it out :rolleyes:
  21. its not how my music sounds to outsiders, its how my car sounds to them....no one wants to drive around with a missing muffler, no one wants to drive around with thier trunk rattling its self off the hinges either, my music sounds good in the car with or with out the trunk rattling, this is just to get the set up that much more more professional
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