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  1. yea, all of um except, mtv, mtv2, comedy central, east and west, vh1, and cbs
  2. soundwave has always been my favorite transformer "ravage, ejeeect, operation DESTRUCTION!" --- how do you guys feel about beast wars.....i think that shit was pretty good, they stayed on track with the transformer story (i.e. megatron, starscream, unicron, the decepticon alliance ect)
  3. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400527994_006P.jpg'> heighroglyphics owns those?
  4. skating never interested me, nor does it now even with all these x-games and proskater video games, just looked boring to me
  5. are the speakers 350 each or together, cuz if its each then 400w is good, but if its together 400w will blow your subs
  6. those 350 watt speakers are prolly the peak rating, you need to know the RMS, thats why they are recomending the 150 watt amp, you also are going to need a box incase you dont have one (thats pretty obvious duh) but other than that you need some rca wires, some speaker wire, power wire, ground wire, and remote wire, rockford makes wire packages that include the power, ground, and remote for about 40 bucks, you can get the package that includes everything for like i think 60, i recomend to get just the ground and power with the remote wire package, and then get the rcas and speaker wire from wal mart as your not banging much wattage and the extra money will be a waste check out www.crutchfield.com www.sounddomain.com for all your car audio needs
  7. ive always wanted to visit alcatraz, nice photos...but that cant possibly be all, is it?
  8. thats true, but in reality the solar system will be destroyed before it is our suns time to die out, the milky way is on a collision course with our sister solar system (cant recall the name) and if we dont find a way out of our solar system entirely, everything will be destroyed reguardless,i highly doubt humankind will be advanced enough in that amount of time to get out of our solar system and find a habitable planet to live on so with all due respect i think the nuclear waste missles are a good idea
  9. i dont see anything wrong with sending it into space, space is fucking gigantic and if anything we can just send it on a crash course with the sun, instant disposal
  10. ...future of mankind you people need to realize this :rolleyes:
  11. why do you guys stay hatin on mankind, i mean wtf? dissing nuclear power.....how dumb is that, really now....i mean i understand that it fucked a lot of shit up, familys, peoples homes, the enviroment, but you guys need to stop hatin on advancement...
  12. 61 - 100 - You may have visited the hood a few times or on weekends 92
  13. fuck the back pocket, put that shit in there hand :lol:
  14. for someone not knowing english very well, you sure know the html language at least
  15. 160 make me make laughs but try hold not to because false words. poop.
  16. i never seen the 3d one with glasses.....sucks, oh well this thread really sucked i thought for sure thered be more perverts all up on this thread...who knows though...just like my thread about morality, shit started off with people being all karma'd out and then i come on the next day and the evil doers made there mark...watch by tomorow every pic will be posted in this thread :lol: note: that was a hint ;)
  17. hey this thread almost was as good as yours from last night!!!! the night owls will know what im talking about
  18. anyone check this out yet....any good, i seen it behind the counter at my local 7-11 so i aint get to peep it out, i actually wasnt too sure if it was actully the swimsuit edition, but reguardless heres a link to the website http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/.../2004_swimsuit/ may this years swim suit edition bring on many boners :lol: :crazy:
  19. take notes guys cuz april fools day is just.....around......the.....bend (that guy from monster garage, i think his name is swag, style)
  20. i love taking the quizes in them girl magazines shit if my horoscope goes as planned, ill be meeting mr right at a happening party on either the 15th or 23rd (my lucky days), better make sure i wear red and stay away from those evil taurus boys!!!~~~ [HomoBlock.Enabled = True]
  21. yea like boxcars said, movies move, touch, motivate me ect, but ive never actually cried watching one
  22. yea we got salads in the states, like someone said above, they are pretty good....i never supersize my shit anyway so i dont care, but didnt hte lady spill the coffee on her lap, not burn her tounge?
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