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  1. ive been wantin to smoke straight THC for the longest time. thanks for that little peice of advice. do you think this little method would work better if you used finer bud. like if you broke it up or even used a cofee bean grinder?
  2. yea or you can just use a little bit of honey instead of spit to seal any paper. but also i dont think the honey is what makes that so fun.....ive got a feelin its tha weed.;) :dazed: :yum: :lick:
  3. yea i know about optimo&dutches but i like phillies because the paper sticks so nicely. thats just my opinion tho
  4. simply the best blunts ive used. other than those phat ass blunt papers an shit. anybody got any favorite papers or any of that shit? also hempire papers are the shit!
  5. those characters on those last ones look like some natural koncepts shit. very nice pretty original
  6. "I did not kill police officer daniel faulkner." Mumia Abu Jamal free our brother!
  7. 3(2) wu tang forever. is the new bobby digital (Gza) shit any good?
  8. big L isnt underrated. hes underground, so alot of people sleep on his shit, but if any hip hop fan ever heard his shit, or anybody for that matter, it would blow them away. But one thing that does piss me off is that biggie and pac (no disrespect to either of them) are treated as if they are the only good rappers ever murdered. Big L was one of the best mcees to ever come up in the rap game. But everytime that you see any rap on mtv especially theyre always talkin about big and pac, but the only time that you hear Big L mermorials is on gangstarr stuff ( thats not all of the times you hear that shit but its the only thing that is close to the mainstream). But as far as him bein underrated he's not. its just that only real hip hop fans know who he is and how dope he was. Big L. R.I.P. "put yo hands up in a L, true hip hop heads know this ain't no mutha fuckin LL cool J. Big L rest in peace!" -guru
  9. yea i heard about the roots and the beastie boys together. that would've been dope, or the roots and outkast. but i didnt know that rage had played with blackstar. cool.
  10. buffalostance- on that first pic, what kinda marker/pen did you use to get that whitesh color? thanks ----quoting photos slows this monster of a thread down. lets keep it to a minimum. thanks. [This message has been edited by webmaster (edited 08-03-2001).]
  11. in my oppinion, the best punk bad out right now. great songs, smart guys, GREAT LIVE SHOWS, and these guys have got to be the nicest guys i've ever met. anybody else like em?
  12. i heard bout that show. rage, a-f, and gangstarr! damn that woulda been dope. rage has toured with some good acts, like all of the above, and wu tang. id like to of seen some of that shit.
  13. yea tha roots. i didnt call em that straight up cause i only wanted real fans to post. they got new shit comin out soon. theyll be around forever! much love
  14. man fuck cap. he destroyed so much great graff back in tha day.
  15. who's down with tha 5th dynasty crew? favorite tracks, albums, whatever. definatley one of hip hop's finest. period. what do you think? lets hear it. personaly I dig their live shit. thanks
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