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  1. i found it helps it stick, ive tried it with and without and without it the acrlilic just peels off. but its up to you it still makes a really nice mop.
  2. 2 things, nice homemade mop mix/body recipe- you will need- -One bingo dabber, (the long squeezy kind) -one bottle of acrylic paint(any colour will do) -a can of either white or black spray paint (to tint colour to your liking and for hold) -a screwdriver -brake fluid -a bit of paint thinner take the top off the bingo dabber and drain the shitty dollar store ink (or keep it whatever floats your boat) then with the screwdriver take out the spring in the nib. fill that shit 2/6 with your acrilic paint then 1/6 brake fluid then 1/6 of the white or black paint then thin it with your thinner, you can do 2/6 or 1/6 and add another sixth of paint its up to you. and then close it all up and electrical tape that piece youve got a nice drippy and custom coloured mop! dont be afraid to mix some colours but if you dont know what your doing look at a coloor wheel first :P NEXT QUESTION! I recently got a GROG metalhead marker (similar to a dalo but refillable) has anyone tried putting tremclad bucket paint in here? looks like it would work. if not what are some custom fills that work well with a metal tipped marker? thanks, -Ceper0ne
  3. not a bad idea, but none of those show short bus yes i am stupid
  4. slick

    scared straight '99

    lol yea i saw the end where the guy was like"umm yea im stayin' straight, not doing graffiti...." I thought it was funny.
  5. slick


    lol who would have thought, writers+mirc? I used to be a dalnet junkie, now i do some ftping......... /join #########
  6. wow..quite the impressive collection you have there fox. good stuff
  7. hey choser, whats your screen name?
  8. http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3c5d0fab/bc/My+Photos/lyes01.jpg?bcm3mh8A1k7jqeGq'> http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3c5d0fab/bc/My+Photos/phone01.jpg?bcm3mh8AwBtNhWVi'> ok then....
  9. slick

    757 ~ VA ~ 757

    sadly, almost all the flix in this post were buffed recently... yes it is very sad, sorry guys. Get out there and re-paint that thing!
  10. that bum is mad cool someone messed up his sleepin' bag tho mean people.........
  11. yea..Those huge cmp's are great Coool post
  12. niceness dope fr8's!!!!!!!! good to see a new post from ya, fox btw: where did you see that seen throw??
  13. slick


    * learn how to crop and re-size *
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