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  1. y did you post that lube train?....should of posted whats next to it...what a waste of web space.....
  2. rusto-man

    4 words

  3. we miss your steel SPIF
  4. your the one that replyed to me acting like i was talking to you...so if i dont know you...and you dont know me and you dont know anyone that knows me.....shut up. and i dont want wack fools knowing who i am.....get off my dick.
  5. its not pointless if it happens again...next time put your name and dont hide behind your crew..cuz it will be handled...and no need to drop names..fools know who i am...im not hiding. TELL YOUR HOMIE TO SAVE A KING TRAIN SHIRT 4 me..........
  6. is anyone going to hook it up with more info about the show or what?...santa cruz is too cold to be walking around going nowere....
  7. some toys better watch were there tagging....
  8. hindue is everywere and he never gets his props.... ALL CALI?
  9. i dont know how old these cars were, but a while ago two cars were in this one yard. They were for people...or prisoners, cus they had bars on the windows...looked kinna old...anyone know what the fuck those are?..
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