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  1. thats sick that he paints with his son. first time i seen something like that:)
  2. rime is the shit. so dedicated, completely original, and getting more and more and more ups.
  3. Its funny how not seriously this guy takes the graff game. You nerds are sitting here arguing over some guy that just does some rediculous shit to have a good time.
  4. good post...lol setup is up in europe too????:rolleyes:
  5. oh.my.god well im a retard and dont know how to post stuff but my toy shit really isnt as bad as some of this stuff....i mean yea some of it was way too much with arrows and shit but god...not that bad ^^^^^^^^^^....so what i did is i started lookin on the bombing threads on here a long time ago, and i learned simple shit like bubble letters and how to make them look good. start there, simple shit looks good to most people, and u get more respect if its good simple stuff :idea:
  6. hot 3d, dope characters. not too flashy jus chill
  7. First off, my 3 yr old sister can probably paint better. no style, try drawing first to get an idea of what you want your letters and bombs to look like. once u have a good idea, paint it alot of times to learn how to put your drawings on a wall. Secondly, how the fuck does someone like u have that many posts in such a short period...i swear this gets worse every day...
  8. good shit. Great colors and style, one of my favorites.
  9. going over the giant saber piece is fucking gay. Why even do it with some bullshit fillins. It doesnt even compare. Ja is a good bomber, if thats his thing then aight. But he cant piece, and he doesnt have enough skill too. He can just do the same fucking fill ins over and over. So stupid to go over something like that...
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