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  1. Whoever doesnt do throw ups should be ass raped with a rusto BIG SHOT can, a defenite graff essential.
  2. Yeah, cause ultra flat black only works in philly, so if you live anywhere else you're pretty much out of luck.:rolleyes:
  3. This might have been under another thread, but hey im to lazy to look. Ive heard of concealing it in a cereal box, while other people just carry it on them and hope for the best, but what do you think?:idea:
  4. This inspires me to post a thread about concealing cans, and no i dont wanna search for a thread that already exists like this, so there :p
  5. Obviously a rookie, well anyway thats allright you have much to learn, as we all do. Just stay out bombing on weekdays 1:30am - dawn. This will prove a little bit safer.
  6. Fuck you you fuckin pussyfaced ignorant bastard if i ever ran into you i would beat the living shit out of you. I fukin hate racist bastards like you who think that just because a certain group of people did something bad that all of them are to blame i wish you were in that building instead of those inocent people!!!!!!!.
  7. I know what you mean, the 16th century catholic church almost wiped out my people(The Nahautl) in a genocide like they did in the crusades but things have changed this pope wasnt even around back then, he has even publicly apologized for that and thats what separates him from the others. thats why i got offended by you saying that its ok for him to die. also im glad the other evil corrupt fuckers(former popes) died and are now roasting in the pit of oblivion for the rest of eternity.
  8. Youre out of your fukin mind if you think Jet-li would win, Bruce Lee would beat the living shit out of him, and then make him his bitch!!!!! Bruce Lee: most consecutive one finger push ups fastest knockout in martial arts tournament history (30 seconds!!!) had to slow down every single one of his fighting scenes at least 30 bpm in order to even realize what was happening(something Jet-li never has or had to do).
  9. Hey fuck you im catholic it aint cool to bash somebody elses religion.
  10. P-Diddy, that stupid fuck needs to die a long and very painful death.
  11. Pretty ILL, that cat started out in my wack ass city, nice to see hes gotten popular. ------------------ Living in a world where everyone is DUMB DEAF & BLIND
  12. your fukin dumb RATM does most of their touring in Mexico the point that they are making is that the government has complete control of everybody and does all of these evil things to people behind our backs and they are trying to make people aware of that and take the power back into our own hands once again And if you knew anything about politics you would understand that communism is one of the most greatest ideas ever thought of, its just that it never works because of the great amount of power provided to the leader that fucks up everything, remember "Power coruptes,Absolute power coruptes absolutely" (sorry about the spelling and grammar) ------------------ Living in a world where everyone is DUMB DEAF & BLIND
  13. Fuck it its either live with her or be a bum but if youre a bum get your clothes all trashy and hit up everyday and if a cop rolls by lay down and pretend to sleep. Or you can go live with a cool family member of yours. ------------------ Living in a world where everyone is DUMB DEAF & BLIND
  14. thats really funny people like that guy in the sentra we call "rice boys" not in a racist way the term refers to their car. a good site to lagh at people like that is Bryans riceboy page.
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