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  1. i don't dig the 1st one so much but the other two are nice
  2. ha :lol: :lol: crayolas!! :D :rolleyes: ha
  3. nice post..got some nice shit
  4. i am from ky, but not Louisville. I know there is a transit, possibly a yard if you'd think about hittin that up well its fucking ky, not too many cops to really be worried about, like in any town(especially new ones) watch you back,don't paint until after 12,scope out the spot in the day, always have an escape route, and just the other common knowledge where i live you have to worry more about actual people than the pigs just don't be stupid and don't leave anything behind what plans did you have in mind? well i'm probably no help, but maybe a little if you'd be lucky enough...see if you can catch up with a writer from around the area...cause i'm not sure how hot the town is..if at all maybe someone can show you around.............well...good luck i'll be glad to answer any other questions you've got if you think i could...lol
  5. my yards have been hot lately all kinds of security even at like 2-3 in the morning but its not like i wont be going there or any where else soon since i just got caught by my parents and i'm failing too many classes i've never seen them so pissed they went through my closet and stuff-i still can't believe that they didn't find my pipes,photos,sketches,or my camera that i accidently left on my floor...they were just looking for hidden stuff i guess hahaha but all that terrorism buisness fucked us writers up
  6. try and work your style keep a continous form/shape -straight or curved lines..try to incorporate both but make it flow 3d, background and some snazzy fill did you sketch it in pencil first, practice,practice,practice ....and the scale of 1-10 well..... :king:
  7. suprising about the amount of homophobes jeesz:confused:
  8. :king: you gotta be down with the impalas '67s are the best
  10. crazy stuff on that site now i can cheat everyone!! hahahhaha
  11. thats pretty funny i made it my background...and i'm never gonna change it!
  12. Cyber Optx

    ghost town.

    cool song but pretty random idea for a thread
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