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  1. i dont do the coffee cup things, you mustve been confused by the scan from my book which he wrote 6000 next to just as a shout. as for all the jealous UFO haters... i think someone needs to post flicks of his hangdowns. the one on delancey that you can see coming into manhattan on the williamsburg bridge, or the pink one after the flushing stop on the manhattan bound JMZ, are both sick. -6k-
  2. UFO always make me laugh whenever i see one.
  3. "darlings of alphabet city"... too fuckin funny.
  4. http://deadatbirth.com/blackbook/year.jpg'> hot handstyle too
  5. 6000

    Nueva York

    thats that ZER shit.
  6. 6000


    youve never seen any year shit... reinvent that wheel.
  7. UFO is the hot shit and has newyork destroyed.
  8. 6000


    the real yeah: http://deadatbirth.com/blackbook/yeah.jpg'> http://deadatbirth.com/blackbook/
  9. serf, mint, 9volt... whaaaat, oh what?
  10. wheres that STE at? looks like some kinda sick bowl.
  11. ugh, that quality of life shit is the worst. get bopped just for ridin a bike on the sidewalk.
  12. 6000

    new blackbook

    yeah i dont know if i should be talkin dudes whereabouts and shit. you know how it goes. thanks for blowin up my spot with that tag though. lol
  13. 6000

    new blackbook

    http://deadatbirth.com/blackbook/ for that whole shit.
  14. and thats that roller. http://deadatbirth.com/roller.jpg'>
  15. im more of an adams family kinda guy... but i dont think they have that anymore. could always get that game of 8ball.
  16. always action to be had there... even if its just a friendly game of pinball.
  17. you win all the computers in the bathtub... you have to pick them up though.
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