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  1. deadbabies

    spotted 38

    while munching on some french fries: from?/hope hope/from crog outline keas ahdik ?/mpulse the fries were good
  2. deadbabies

    Spotted 37

    sever/heat outlines warm ?/neon onorok that's all
  3. deadbabies

    Spotted 37

    right outside of milwaukee, i have a picture yet to be developed of the gnes
  4. deadbabies

    Spotted 37

    bean/beg/det on the other side of that above was a gulo (?) gnes/soter from/hope
  5. deadbabies

    Spotted 37

    thank you for that info cup o soup spotted today, one line while hopping back and forth to each side: page-door serge meeka/pause-door was halfway closed on the pause cameo/swerv/sone/suck/each2-sided, yeah oso barge erupto/worms metr depth eros outline streaks: kuhr klever abortion is murder
  6. deadbabies

    SPOTTED 36

    vizie in millwakee caught there, done there, or it said that? just curious my friend
  7. hey trust, email me about a possible trade for that aqua and any other pictures from that same car? rolled out on us
  8. deadbabies

    SPOTTED 36

    spel outline mber outline (these two where 3 cars apart) dcent swerv xc aqua that came back heis veks outline kept was (gf) super/cheato ich seaz outline begr/else/?-very crazy, very nice, the tags where blacked out je outlines last couple days.
  9. today ich seaz outline nesm hub resto(?)/smith outline/jnub wes puzl outlines nims outline nims joce/van
  10. seen over the last couple days: vers/teka/erke ?/heroin elephant ?/benone/? agoe?/pestoe/?/snezer cameo outline "i must love what i destroy" emo arons heisr kept ebola ?/?/dest faded old golden west box heavy metal end to end with a shit load of fr8ophiles on it, couldn't make out all of them on the very next car=rove sug owl debt/lewis/worm job jibo je outlines x5 streaks sever crash mpower with character rail grinder
  11. fat kids with no skill making assumptions about style and completeness,see you around butter ball.
  12. i have a video of you with some blue blockers and some hick teeth all drunk in saint louis.ahh those were the days. email me, haven't talked to you guys in a long time.
  13. i like that production in the second flik that you went over with that freestyle. you should have left it run for at least a day.rockford sucks
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