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  1. Requeum for a dream... Crazy ass movie. Very well done, but super intense. I had me spun for like a half hour after I watched it. Anyone else seen it, have thoughts on it?
  2. Hot Sheit Brody. Quality Graffiti no bullshit.
  3. Kool Keith -off Dr Doom -Yo (insert name here, I forget who he mentions) dis the answering machine. There's some meat up in the closet, if you're going to throw it out tonight, I'm a' run up to tower records to order a pizza) Dose One on Them -...we are trouble maker/..(?)..(something about a long cot or sumshit)/ and swallow the bay leaf whole/just wait till your father gets home/ with only your best interests in mind/ I'm boycotting the whole rablerousing lunch line/ discipline never spoiled anyone's appetite/ who? /...(?).../(repeat line about father coming home) -I know a lot of nonsensical rap, but I'm drawing a blank.. Shits fun though.
  4. Twista was in do or die (the rap group). I think he's from chicago. Fool chops it up big time. -bury them heads like a ostrich -unload the whole cartridge -and throw the shells in the garbage -the hardest these muthafuckaz could- -never acheive what I've accomplished... I think he's pretty sick. Very articulate and fast. Anyways....
  5. Sunuvabeotch. Why is it that I always get the x's on shit that sounds real tite?
  6. -dont you mean kel, not idel? and yes it is tight, and no, it ain't no 415, playa.
  7. Worm never ceases to amaze me with his switching styles. very teet.
  8. very nice shit. Ikso and diar and chris are some savages. DTC rips. so do TITS
  9. nice. very nice. I've never seen that abhor/jaber shit before. pretty tight. Where's the serch flicks?
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