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  1. thats funny. sending messages to other gangs.
  2. stop turning 12oz posts into the metro graf guestbook, stupid gossipers.
  3. this discussion of spots should stop right now, no matter how general you are/
  4. lets see a better flik of that marylon monroe thing by the exist.
  5. erupto/mews/popquiz e2e orange on boxcar shore hopper demo/?/shore 97 hopper jerk ba .... "theres a hole in the bowl, fill it with a nugget" rambler x like 6 over the past few days nore irs spade kos tags
  6. http://www.webphotos.com/zoom_photo.asp?c=igesslerteadkofn.jpg&f=1000019318/1000019318_116200135052PM0.3425409.jpg'> Iges Sler(?) Tead Kofn http://www.webphotos.com/zoom_photo.asp?c=igestst.jpg&f=1000019318/1000019318_116200135053PM0.9686047.jpg'> Iges TST http://www.webphotos.com/zoom_photo.asp?c=jaunttrain.jpg&f=1000019318/1000019318_116200135146PM0.5977703.jpg'> jaunt http://www.webphotos.com/zoom_photo.asp?c=tead.jpg&f=1000019318/1000019318_116200135147PM0.8342336.jpg'> tead http://www.webphotos.com/zoom_photo.asp?c=teader.jpg&f=1000019318/
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