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  1. much needed and appreciated! caught a nice det and pen this weekend in good ol middle america but no pic keep the pics coming!
  2. Ive seen them on the regular in the midwest but security is always tight. Maybe they load them here?
  3. Haven't seen this guy in awhile..post em if you got em.....
  4. That's right folks...crossing out stamp lickers is cool and sweeping the country! Just look at what people are saying... I have crossed out 1 so far and after doing it I lost 10 pounds and got a new girlfriend! - Cycle I hate those asswipes. If I did a book on freights I would never put them in it even though they send me packages everyday. -Henry Chalfant I don't even paint but I went out and crossed out 3 already. All the packages they send keep me here at the office late every weekend. -Jim Robertson, Post Office Manager, Conecticut I sold those kids headlamps so t
  5. That girl in the pics is better than all that graffiti. Word is god son. I'll give her a bubble bath all night long. -scoreoneforthecheerleaders.
  6. post em if ya got em...the cecil B wall or the event or whatever...
  7. Those vans are ill. Ill for kidnapping little boys that is.... -technicalfoul
  8. that Ono train with the fish character is dope. You can tell that he isn't rushing through his pieces anymore. Nice. -Techinicalfoulshot.
  9. that city scene is fresh. I've seen workers sweat paintings like that on trains big time, it's cool too see. Kudos from the no coast. allcityhoopstarz
  10. that girl is the shiznet...she has to be Canadian, eh? -baselineturnaroundjumper
  11. Nice post...feeling cyto- extra grande el superbo... -halfcourtpress
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