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  1. I think a graffiti artist will become President and whoever it is will make graffiti legal. There will be massive 'Save The Yards" campaigns or some shit to save yards and keep them alive without being buffed every fucking day. There will be massive legal walls everywhere. Graffiti artists will rule the world..... MWHAHAHAHAH! FUCK THE BUFF.:mad:
  2. Buffing yards that are 200 miles away from civilization ever seeing it is played out. FUCK THE BUFF.
  3. Highest shit I have seen is under a bridge down here. Its on the roof of the bridge (if ur under it) or rather underneat it on the bottom top.. i dunno...you should know what i mean. I got no clue how the hell the person got up there. Its high as fuck... just some scribble. crazy shit though. its a cement bridge too, no way to go under it like on some metal type bridges... i have seen pieces in LA under bridges on the roof type part but there were places to walk.
  4. Quit posting fucking x's and shit. Your fucking wasting time and space with this shit. You fucking retards... post fucking right.
  5. quit with these fucking request topics... you guys fucking are killing the board and space and time.... fucking post your own shit. fucking retards :D
  6. gezus... that one black water one is fucking nuts. tits crew is tight, someone should post some of there shiet.
  7. fawk that nur piece fucking looks sick. nice freights. gotta love it.
  8. kool keith fucking owns. wish he never had killed dr. octagon! :[ dr. dooom is dope though... heheh.:P
  9. The 2nd one IS pysa. I seen it the other day driving by it. Good spot he got there.
  10. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/6513/zes_0.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/6513/z02_p08_000.jpg'> i'll post more later maybe. you got to see zes's new shit in real life... its fucking crazy.
  11. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/6513/zesDirt2g.jpg'> hope this works ok. if it does i'll post more too.
  12. god damn that was some of the wackest fucking shit I have ever seen. waste of fucking paint if you ask me. i ain't posting shit up here. i'ma personally burn these rolls of film in a fucking pile a shit, which is just what that stuff is over there. someone should go buff that crap. god.. san diego cannot throw a fucking graffiti event worth shit either. fuck it, i quit. later 12oz. =] :king: :P ;)
  13. Tight.... I just got back from going to check out the pieces. Fucking phat ass shit. There are a grip of other pieces still not even posted here that I seen up over there. I got flix of every piece except for the ones done on the boards of wood which were laying face down in the parking lot and one of the CDP/TNT pieces which was behind some trash bins fucking full of trash which wouldn't move. There were about 2 unfinished pieces still there.... other than that, some of the best shit I have seen in a while. I'll post a new thread once I develop the flix and scan them along with other local flix =]
  14. Someone PLEASE post the flyer again for the Writerz Block event or can please give me the directions to the Trolley Station thats near by or to the spot where the event took place. I lost my damn flyer and want to go check the spot out tomorrow where the real event took place and i fucking fergot what freeway to get off at and what offramp etc. PLEASE HELP!!
  15. aww fuck naw... it would suck if you got caught doin a billboard 50000 feet off the ground. what the hell you gunna do... fly off the billboard? better do some good ass drugs and maybe it'll work :idea:
  16. i live sniffing the paint fumes in the breeze.... :D :crazy: :eek:
  17. . I pretty much have ideas about how to get up there but I was just seein' if there was an easy way besides the ideas I kind of already had. I know about the roof type billboards. Most of those are very easy. Just that some have big ass pole and would be a bitch to hump up... the rope idea is good. Freeway signs own.. gotta hit me up a few on the I-5 =]] hehe. ;) btw cats is right.. hehe.. i fergot to ask around here :] hehe... i dunno why i am askin anyways, like no billboards around o'side. :( gotta take a truip out to Riverside or LA or Orange County :)
  18. One simple question. How the fuck do you get up to those ladders for billboards when they are like another ladders length up. What the hell you do, run over there, put a ladder up, climb up quick as hell, kick the ladder down or something then jump off with a parachute? Or you hug the big ass pole and hump it all the way up then slide down and get fucking rug burn in places you don't want. Or do you bust a secret agent move, shoot one of those metal hooks up there, pull yourself up, then bust 50 backflips toward the ground 100 ft below being careful not to go *SPLAT* on the ground. I mean i can go on with this shit! Argh.... HOW THE HELL!! :D
  19. artistic.intercourse Just last Saturday, there was a graffiti event down in San Diego. Was called Writerz Block. I went to this even when it was SUPPOSED to heppen like a month ago and nothing was there, then it happened to take place last Saturday... I believe I was not the only one who had no clue it was on that date. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know about this event incase this was the one you are talking about. No clue. Would be dope if there was another one soon that I would be able to paint at :o
  20. artistic.intercourse Pisses me off.... I went to the trolley lines before when it was supposed to go down like a month ago, and then the event goes down later and I missed it. BAH. :mad: Oh well.... where the hell did they do the pieces? I know thats not the trolley line. I might want to swing down there and check the pieces out if any of the shits still up ???? I hope it is. Please let me know. Thanks :confused:
  21. your art is YOUR ART. 'nuph said. fuck the rest. :]
  22. ahh ok so its gunna be goin down next month (October 31st?) right? just wanna make sure. i might be doin some shit on the wall this next time around. i was gunna sign up the first time but didn't have any $$ for paint or paint at all for it and plus the event didn't even happen. >=[
  23. yo sake, on the website 1520sedgewick.com on the events page it shows the Writerz Block event which was supposed to happen last weekend on Sturday. Did you go to that shit? I drove all the way from Oceanside with a grip of friends to find the shit not even going down. Was fucking lame as fuck. I got pissed as hell to. All that was down by the trolley lines was a old JFK produection that was fading on the wall and some pieces on a wall accross the street. Was about it... ::sigh:: :/
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