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  1. whats the url to the TITS crew's website?
  2. i think LA has the most rooftop shit in the fuckin world.
  3. i cannot do characters for shit but i can do my name/letters fairly good now because I have just practiced those my whole graff career, even to this day. i have tried characters but they never look right. fuck it, i'll stick with letters, its what i believe i am good at.
  4. someone else has my name and yea they got more ups than me for sure from what i have seen over time online and even sometimes on fr8's but when i got my name, i never knew this person existed.. the reason I still use this name is cuz the person lives and gets up pretty much up in Canada and i live in southern california. thats like 4003983 miles apart, and i could care less about em using the name i use.. and i am pretty sure he could care less also if he even knows i exist. you never know tho. he might drive way the fuck down here and wanna battle. whatever, i'm up for it. MWHAHAHAH >=] :
  5. if you wanna see some of TITS flicks look in the tags & tits thread. plenty there. :)
  6. for some reason i think that shits the best shit i have seen in a while. shits dope as fuck. mad props for that shit.:D
  7. i got a ill story... one time i went into a tunnel to do a piece.... i did the piece, flicked it, and came out the tunnel and went home happy. uh yea... pretty ill shiet.
  8. That 1st Sphere piece was done barely last year at the Writers Bench event in San Diego. I got a flick of it before they added the barbed wire and characters to it. there were also about 3 or so other pieces on the same wall as well.... not sure but maybe they were all from New York ? if i feel like it i'll scan them all and post.. most likely not. =]
  9. i wish i coulda flicked those huge roller pieces in the ant hill tunnels here in san diego before the tunnels got busted/rolled. they were like the best fucking tunnels in north county.. one of the best yards in my opinion.. now since some fuckers ratted the place out to the pigs, no one goes there anymore. You can still see the ends of the roller pieces but more than half of like both of them are gone. fucking wack as fuck. i know one was a roller piece by the crew KAW but I dunno what it says. They aren't block letter rollers either, they are huge ass roller pieces like the adepts in this po
  10. heeellllaaa too far for me to vanture out there. would be a journey and shit. maybe next time...... =[
  11. i just got gone over a few days ago. someone went over a piece i did with the beggining of a outline, then just stoped on the 1st letter. then they went over to another part of the tunnel and went over another persons piece with the same thing cept he did the whole piece over it instead of just an outline like over mine. Since I read this thread, I didn't get all pissed off but damn... thats pretty wack. My shit wasn't even up for 3 weeks before I got shit written over it. I feel like goin and trying to touch it back up where the foo went over my shit. Pisses me off anyways, but I didn't do an
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