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  1. Remi Martin

    House Music

    www.mp3.com/djqwerk has some underground house and hip hop tracks from the late 90s early 00's. howerver Qwerk is now and xgraff writer/producer king foo bhuddist monk in philly.
  2. Remi Martin

    House Music

    I went to a art show house party over the weekend. it was so fresh. alot of my freinds from partys and other writers i never met and tons a breakers. the djs played ROBONE CBS style breaks, which i guess would be labled under the subgenre, LA innovative sample breaks with scratching. Most of the records were from old.
  4. ouch. my fingers a nice shade of abraision. i can still make fist so that titan sprayer interior job better still be all me. i like my new job. i dont like unstable cement lawn furniture that i busted my shit on to not break when its solid cement edge smashed 1.5 feet down on my finger. its funny though my left hand is now in a permanant flip you of pose. ouch allright. its beer time. my finger hurts.
  5. ouch my finger hurts. newcastles and hurt finger sympathy sex sounds ggood. but really my finger hurts.
  6. i feel you. i was there once, but the only thing that helped was when i said fuck it and spit game, was shown love and had postbreakup sex with another woman. then i was over it and the exy called me up and asked if i wanted fuck drink and watch tv. i typed this with minus my left middle finger as a concrete bench fell on it. well only the tip. my finger nail is purple and it hurts alot. but the bleeding stopped and the boss only let me have one beer and bogarted the spliff. fuck him, im spraying. anyway.
  7. deliss deff. ranks in the crown wearing japanese korean super fly womans every where. eh. its true.
  8. while still a fan of malted liqours lagers and ales of all nationalities, I have been investing primarily in select reserve sapporo that be malted in japan. also, nothing beats a crisp spaten malt after the bar. cheers. and i actually drank a old sleezy gut rock gold king down to the suds on the other night.
  9. my good freinds wifey is from neo tokyo japan. i dont think the japanese are ridiculous in the least.
  10. awww deliss....... i care about you. last november i got inducted to the oakland yards and got a job for microsoft.
  11. huh, glass etch shoulda been like...... you got nice tits, you wanna come over and make em bounce with my roomates? but nahh... she was to fly for that......
  12. bump for ******* i met on the subway type train. shes a nurse/bartender that rolls a straight ss impleezy. hahhahahahh. so fly.
  13. oha nd by the way......... ay mes3, i got condoms and forty ounces on fuckin you silly and time it works for you.. belive thaat. lets have good sex. taht what igotta flip.
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