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  1. Spree

    Graffiti Music?!?!?

    graf music.. ya tommy tee - aerosoul krs - out for fame wrong side of the tracks some other shit.. ill think of later too..
  2. ya seen it! ya seen it! tkid goes to europe.. ya seen it!
  3. Say word, Yut this is Spree from AP.. And ive been known to pick up a can when not soldering my 92 sedan.. haha And rage.. Yut i get free tips although its hard to find a specific tip in a factory that size. peace in the middle east Spree www.asisphonics.com
  4. ehe.. They left a vent open so i broke in.. nahh.. I close family member of mine is the owner of this plant. Peace
  5. More cans.. http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-783X.JPG'> Got Actuation? http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-784X.JPG'> Boxes of tips! http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-787F.JPG'> More boxes of tips! http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-791F.JPG'> Inside a box http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-792F.JPG'> [This message has been edited by Spree (edited 08-26-2001).]
  6. heh, I went to the offices to scan some schematics.. ended up being there all night! Good thing i didnt take in pictures of the tip selection, you guys would really blow your loads!
  7. Say word.. If you guys have not seen pi by all means rent it.. This is a anthor darren movie and the same dude who does the camera work and shit is in it too. My sisters friend went out with darren back in the day.. no shit.. really peace
  8. Art, Aiight.. You want a 12oz or a 25% xtra? I also got a 25% xtra that got its neck pushed down into the body. Btw.. do you want some silver knobs with your mixer? To match the ffader's knob.. eace s
  9. heres a desktop for you.. http://users.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-772X.JPG'> This isnt a paint factory.. Its more for general chemical mixes.. Although it could be set up to make paint just by inserting pigment into the filling valvues. They make alot of cleaning type shit too, and i got a can of this shit with a extra strong propellant that cleans out caps real good. The main reason i went was to get some extra 25% blank cans made.. Pretty much take a blank can and put the actuator in and no marble and compress it (what happens in the video) that negative pressure makes it easy to load propellant in (which would happen next if i didnt take the can off the line). The result is a mixing can that doesnt require freezing and is silent. Peace
  10. I took a trip down to the plant today.. took some pics for you all to check out.. Somebody say cans? http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-773F.JPG'> I guess so.. http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-776F.JPG'> The production line.. http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-780F.JPG'> Filling line.. http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-774F.JPG'> Already to be shipped.. http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-777F.JPG'> Me making a compressed 25% extra to mix into! http://www.javanet.com/~djspree/MVC-767V.MPG hope you enjoyed peace.. Spree
  11. i know.. but it was a "quick ct" post.. add on if you got some more CT shit.. peac
  12. CK http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3587/ckcru.jpg'> Old Hi13 Mural http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3587/hi13.jpg'> Some http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3587/some.jpg'> Ouija http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3587/ouija.jpg'> Ome http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3587/omg.jpg'> thats it.. [This message has been edited by Spree (edited 08-05-2001).]
  13. i know.. but it was a "quick ct" post.. add on if you got some more CT shit.. peac
  14. http://arielcam.com/photos/july/july02.JPG'> shes back! watch out now.. [This message has been edited by Spree (edited 08-04-2001).]
  15. http://arielcam.com/photos/june/june11.JPG'> woah what is this? shes infecting my posts! [This message has been edited by Spree (edited 08-04-2001).]
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