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  1. every band you listed are not punk or ska.
  2. Brain Damage

    More Signs

    i like. i wish i had flics of the things i've done... but, maybe one day i'll get unlazy and scan up some flics.
  3. i'm sick of seeing IVO... every time i see IVO i want to vomit.
  4. i liked the dalek... and only the dalek.
  5. i hate it. it's terrible. my 3 year old brother paints like that. don't say it's abstract, thats just an excuse for being skilless.
  6. isn't it a 747? I've never left the US. I hardly ever leave the state I live in. By far I like... Louisville, KY the most. That happens to be where I'm from.
  7. oh yeah. coping is really nice.
  8. i'm sketchy at skating pools. i did manage to find a really nice pool 5 minutes from my house that was so secluded no one would ever know. my own private pool. it's about 10 on the deep end, 10 wide and about 20 long and transitions are drawn out so they're alittle easier but, it's rather nice. took two weekends of shuvelling shit out of it and scrubbing to get the dirt out of the bottom. it was well worth it. put sheet metel over the drain. i hope it doesn't get fucked and filled with crap again. oh yeah. it's 4 at the shallow
  9. drum solo at the begginning of Abba God and Me by the Meatmen. yes i know. differant beats but,oh well.
  10. the clash iron maiden slayer vicious rumors the meatmen RL Burnside Del Civil Disobedience Duane Peters and the Hunns US Bombs
  11. i am not afraid to do anything. don't care about laws, regulations, and rules. rights are bullshit so i do whatever i feel like doing. i'm always the one that everyone else follows even if it's pointless. i am a lover, i am a jerk, i am a fighter, i am an idiot, and i am human.
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