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  1. it's too bad that "toys" know about this website. wait, no it's too bad that i know about this site. i wish my parents didn't block the porn sites!
  2. i was sitting on the porch drinking a beer watching my girlfriend cut the grass when my neighbor's wife came yelling at me saying i should be hung for sitting around while my girlfriend did the yard work. so i just replied" i am hung that's why she's doing the yardwork". just thought you might like that.
  3. between what cities will you be traveling? it's been a while!
  4. just tell her to drip dry. farts are funny though, especially when a girl does them. if you want to get rid of her, just by some wine one night when your roommate is gone get her drunk and then fuck her. i'm sure she won't be around too much longer after that.
  5. that would just make my materbation sessions so much better if i had some tits.
  6. i didn't know fair fights existed anymore.
  7. i can't believe that this part of the site actually exist. well, actually i can. straight comedy though.
  8. it's all about the coffee!!!
  9. when the past catches up to you.
  10. oh if you know any cool people out there i can give you my e-mail address to give to them. i will be traveling solo.
  11. artvandal went on a family vacation so i wasn't even hearing that. i'll be there for a month leaving in oct coming back in nov, so i plan on traveling as much of the country as possible. touristy spots are cool but i prefer chill non highly populated areas on both the beach and in the jungles. i rather be around the locals then around other tourist. i'm fluent in spanish but puerto rican. don't know what dominicans feel about us. just info about tight cities, beaches, and country spots. i'm on a budget so easy ways to get around, cheap places to stay and places to eat would be cool. i've resea
  12. what a dumbass. maybe your symptomatic and worried. std=bad, what else is there to know. but at least you made me laugh, wondering what it's like, e-mail me?! hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaha
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