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  1. i am in hawaii and saw a "free mook now tag" on a piece of material at a high rise job site. kida funny
  2. eh seeking delete this thread
  3. i heard that the revok piece on the bridge wasn't finished because he got chased by cops and dug them out.
  4. Fuck Um' All... you guys just jack up your posts by replying to every stupid little thread just making them worse and worse
  5. EyEdEa

    better hawaii

    if you guys knew anything than you would relize how old this thread is. for some reason it got bumped. and as for the saber piece, i think it was to prove a point. compare and contrast. now go back to being 12oz bitches
  6. damn wish i was into graff when i lived there. anyone know about north hills
  7. theere is already a revok thread and that pic is posted in it dumbfuck
  8. why do you dumb fucks keep making different threads
  9. i was a totaly different person before i settle into the hawaiian way
  10. montana is good but belton is better
  11. smoking pot beacause you get the feeling quicker and besides it has effects on all different people i am social all the time so it don't faze me i don't need to get drunk to talk to chicks besides hawaii get the crypt
  12. caugh caugh dope caugh
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