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my mom buys my clothes

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  1. nice post buddy, i like that elk a lot. next time i come to visit take me out to the yards.
  2. gotta agree with homer and ralph, also 'ol gill.
  3. in his outfits section he clearly says that he is a boy fairy, so i dont get what the big deal is.
  4. i got low rider as my ring right now.
  5. haha, i know, thats why im saying ive got no room to talk on this subject.
  6. which one? didnt he hook up with like 4 at that party?
  7. sometimes my away message is really boring, like "im away right now" or something, but then every time i come back i have all these messages like "aww, your away message is so dumb and boring! i hate you and your stupid away message."
  8. yeah, so are 14 year old girls. just jokin though, i have no room to talk there either.
  9. that story would have been much better if i hadnt just made it up, im such an asshole
  10. one time in history class my teacher had just finished yelling and she was sittin there with this stern look on her face and it was silent, but then you heard this long, quite, "pooooooooooooooot" sound come outta her. her face got all scrunched up and she just stood there, then started talking again.
  11. ive got a tribe cd in there right now, but it really is stuck in the player. my cd player in my car fuckin sucks, and ive been tryin to eject that cd for days.
  12. haha, shut up bitch. ive been playin for a while, but i stopped this year cause i got to lazy to go to practice in my senior year.
  13. jewish new year dinner! had some chicken, corn, bread, and some jewish wine
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