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  1. I thought this was a how down are you thread. To make my point I have and will do what is neccessary to evolve the crew.
  2. CATS


    If I had done that work, I woud have buffed it. Not thrown it up on the net, especially a site where if your not primo-rockadonna theyre gonna tear you to shreds. Take a little time to read, I know you got homework, think of this as extra credit. By the way, calling out someone you will never meet is as smart as bringing sand to the beach. Relax, not revolt. Peace
  3. CATS

    Cops hot on names..?

    Think before you act. I write more than one name, but I use my screen name, and many altered versions of it. I have been sought after and have been present where people have taken pics. If you are asking the question, then yes you need to change your name, as well as your lettering style, hand traits, and if you use the same color tech. then change that too. The cops are not as dumb as they look and the people who get obsene amounts of money study this culture and can often tell you who writes analias as well as who they often write with and emulate. Good luck my brotha, I would lay low for a bit and practice anew style for a bit f you catch my drift. peace.
  4. I think the platinum jewlery, the iced out teeth, and the baggy overpriced cheap ass clothes make rap. But soul is what makes hip hop.
  5. CATS

    How old is graf

    I started it. the history and evolution of this artform lie solely in your beliefs. Apperently in my research there were people writing their names on shit in the civil war, usually cannonballs, sometimes clans of horsemen would burn their insignia(crest) onto trees to forewarn trespassers. Heiroglyphs were not graff, they were more like posed bills. That is why those who study them only find current events such as ceaser is ruler, ceaser died.
  6. whiteboyz It amazes me the amount of stupidity people can develop. First of all that cat is the closest thing to gangsta as his late fees on Goodfellas from Blockbuster. Dont think I am a hater, I only live in a town where shit goes down for real. I hope when you all graduate and realize Gangsta isnt what this scene was founded upon. Grow up.
  7. Pop n locks Representing for all those who boogaloo. Pop those locks.
  8. 58 views/no replies...
  9. Eat Mor Chikin... Whatever happened to those foster farms chickens?
  10. http://www.natalie-imbruglia.co.uk/ You can thank me later.... oh, and this one too.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/chat/hot...000/1622261.stm
  11. Giant Isor Wild Hoax Upski Heet Amaze Look Catski Jedi Valid Dent Sanski Disco Blue Grey Cycle Emit East Con Cartoon Can2 Cope2 Haze Obey
  12. CATS


    Dam, those are painful memories. Remember baldes of steel on the first nintendo system. You could fight. Dam they need to do that again.
  13. CATS

    Lena Li

    Try www.google.com They usually have pistures and links on point.
  14. Drugs have implemented me... To those who love their Mac's and their incorporated technology, let me explain something. Steven Jobs, Mr. Apple Computers was a pot smoker. I saw a video in tech school were him and associates wee smoking pot and coming up with ideas for apples computers. Several video gaming companies also do this particular brainstorming program.
  15. CATS

    Spray safe!

    Moisture bandit If anyone paints in a warm climate they may notice sweaty mask syndrome. I usually place a paper towel inside my mask, this absorbs the sweat and helps keep the correct seal.
  16. Define original, Is this what the society would consider original, or what we ourselves consider original. Are you talking about all artists or just writers. The most original style or just the most original name.
  17. You have enough time on your habds to tell me what talking about it it then right....
  18. Here is the solution.... literally http://live-long.itgo.com/Vales.formula.html
  19. Popcorn Tombstone pizza most of the time I just heat lefovers.
  20. CATS

    Tv Surgery

    My surgery... When I had surgery on my throat (fibrous cyst) I asked my doctor if I could videotape it since I would be out. He wouldnt allow it. He wouldn't even let me see the cyst when they removed it. It was the size of a tennis ball. The last thing I remembered is my doctor saying he was going out to his car for music, I asked what mu...s....i.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  21. Thanks man, I was almost thouroughly entertained. Then my add kicked in. It was interesting though.
  22. CATS

    graffiti assemblies ?

    Listen.... The only way this would work is with HARD WORK. I have read Bomb the Suburbs, and that was a great idea for Chi-town back then. The fact of that matter is technology has caught up to the criminal world. I believe in your idea, just on another scale. Try this. go to hiphop/punk shows around your city, you can meet other writers this way. Once youve met writes from other crews and get to know them you can work on this idea of yours. Stay UP!!!!
  23. CATS

    ....crew bs........

    TRUE LIFE.... Life as we know it is imitating art, or is it art imitating life....
  24. Sounds like you need THE LAW. In my misunderstanding the Aesthetics are the artforms combinations. Like, That piece is Aestheticly pleasing to the eye.
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