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  1. I'm not looking for help writing my paper...so buzzoff about that I wanted some different viewpoints on the subject (from people outside of my normal talking withs) I've come to a conclusion that the paper is going to be worthless I'm not saying that people don't have the choice to smoke. I am just tired of people using it as a crutch of sorts. I enjoy smoking and am yet to figure out why... Addiction is fun to look at from within. I like fresh starts, and what a better one that quitting smoking hahaha I like the 27.50 street dealer thoughts " Mr. yuck should go push cigarettes onto bar hoes and say, "I love watching you die." This is why I dislike writing classes (argument papers) Most arguments are obvious and drab, maybe pointless. Things go on and cycles happen. We can mainly only change things on a very small scale...and hope that some of it catches on. Universal unconscience will do the rest If anyone ever ask if you smoke after sex.....say, "I don't know, I've never really checked. population control is major tobacco yeehaw how can we thank them
  2. Long time since I've posted geeze... I'm doing an argument paper on banning tobacco. I would like to hear some viewpoints on whether or not criminalizing could happen. I don't believe that it can anytime soon. I smoked for 3 or so years (14-18), quit for 3 and some years, and started again a month ago. Having grown since 18 I've noticed a lot of new things about addiction. It is apalling to me how addictive tobacco is. I know there is a choice of whether or not to smoke. I am in the process of quitting (by this I mean knowing that I can quit now, but smoking anyway...dumb haha) Anyways , throw out some ideas. My stance for the paper is pro-criminalization (even though I know it will not happen) Ethics, business, usa being around today because of tobacco...whatever other thoughts you've got thanks
  3. pacman

    girl shit

    in response to the part with my saying "I'd love to sleep with other girls" I don't think anyone doesn't have a desire or at least thoughts of doing this I enjoy sex like most I would never act on an urge I love and respect her too much for that I don't want to come across as an asshole or something I don't know she gets home soon...we can talk finally it's been a loooooooong day oh and about the girls like to hear that they are the only one. I let her know that often. ...
  4. pacman

    girl shit

    thankyas for reading and replying I would love to be with this girl forever. but if she's not where I'm at than it's not not fair to her or me to stay together this is fucking harder than hell good time of the year for this to pop up eh? this tastes like burning and feels like it too
  5. pacman

    girl shit

    Iris- yeah we have lived together for almost a year. looking at it now we moved really fucking fast. I could not deal with her being with some other guy. I could not deal with being with another girl while I was with her. I've been through that a million times in my head. std thought has been through my brain just the same...these things are why I couldn't sleep. shit this is hitting me in the face now....funny how it doesn't come to you sometimes until someone else says it. my brain is flyin...my heart is hurtin
  6. pacman

    girl shit

    Never thought I'd be posting one of these but I have nowhere else to go. I've been with my girl for over 20 months. I never thought I'd get this serious this young. I just turned 21. I've had a feeling that something has been on my girls mind for a long long time. I'd always ask her what's wrong and get the same reply..."nothing". I have commited completely to this girl, something told me from the start that she was the one. It'd seemed that way for the first year and some also. We are engaged but didn't want to set a date. I'd read some of the other girl problem post on here and picked up some ideas about things...one being the desire or urge to see other people, and how it's not right for someone to get locked down before they are ready. My girl assured me time and time again that she looks at guys as being hot a whatnot but said that it didn't matter because she only wanted me. last night we were talking about things and this came up. We came to a point where we thought we would try seeing other people for "kicks" while still being together. I can totally see this as a good thing. I would love to have sex with other girls. I just don't think I would feel right. I totally respect her needs to explore and experience...that's why I asked her a long time ago about how she felt about it. I barely slept after we got done talking about this last night. My wonderful "feelings" wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. My insides were just tearing all around. I ended up feeling like I would be her "safety net" that she always knew she could come home to. I can totally see having this explorationish relationship with someone that I wasn't this close to...but with her I think it would kill me. I never ever thought I'd get this serious this young. I probably left some shit out but we'll start with this. thanks I think
  7. What's the difference between a cadillac and a pile of dead babies? I don't have a cadillac in my garage. What do you get when you cut a baby with a razorblade? An erection hahaha someone else posted those on here a long time ago hahaha
  8. I wanted to come on here and bitch about this so called derailed show. 2 of the 4 events were actually derailments. Too much drama and crying for stupid shit. What a waste of an hour. Fuck you for this one tlc you suck.
  9. haha I tried to tattoo nirvana into my ankle with a bic and a razor blade in 7th grade.....hahaha Nirvana was my life soundtrack beck carries tons of every memory NIN "something I can never have" and a certain girl from a long time ago arlo guthrie "comin into los angeles" me wanting to smoke weed and smoke more weed too much to list
  10. pacman

    haha this sucks

    uhhh can I return this? I think it's broken... that would suck
  11. boink trying to help yas out
  12. VIRUS info careful what you open My workplace sent this to us. Thought I'd share to help if I can. A new email virus is spreading through out the country. It is know as "Goner". It is an email worm virus. This mass mailing worm attempts to send itself using Microsoft Outlook to all entries found in the Outlook Address book. It uses ICQ to spread as well. It arrives in an email message containing the following information: Subject: Hi Body: How are you ? When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you I am in a harry, I promise you will love it! Attachment: GONE.SCR I don't know if it says "harry" or "hurry" but there you go
  13. I'm not joking here it involves snowboarding and bank robberies
  14. questionable rocks that is all that needs to be said here oh.. and plan b rocks that too
  15. http://soltv.com/Recorder320x240.mov make sure to listen to the story
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