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  1. Don't do graffiti. It is norty. You will get in trouble. Your mummy will be sad. You will be a loser. You won't get a job. Ever. You will be a bum. A tramp. Your house will be a cardboard box. You will eat it. Because you are hungry. And you have to search bins for food. Then you will have no house. Because you ate it. But it was yummy. But not like at The Ivy. They don't have cardboard boxes. So there. You are rubbish. No-one likes you. You won't have babies. Because you smell. Girls don't wanna touch you. But you don't care. You don't like girls anyway. They are icky, like poopoo. Not like g
  2. :king: king fim :king: Quoted post DOPE! :yuck: Quoted post nice Quoted post i love the way fim uses a contempory style to make his art look like it was painted by a child who knows nothing about graffiti when in fact he is a 40 year old master artist, its so ironic Quoted post mmm.yes he is pretty good at graffiti :haha: lol fukn toy Quoted post [/b] People write for different reasons. I'd rather be shit and hit steel than be king of the canvases. So get off your high horses you fucking pseudo st
  3. Bye bye 12oz. I'm going to miss you.
  4. http://www.seenworld.com/images/fullsize/Trains/page1/1handofdoom1980.jpg'> Doesnt come close to the original, done over 20 years earlier. Bring on the hate.
  5. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00371608f00000153.jpg'> Bumpkin lined for painting london rolling stock. In service.
  6. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00371608f00000153.jpg'> Bumpkin being lined for having the audacity to paint London rolling stock. Commuter train in service.
  7. I heard that Oker is a giant who is over 6'8 tall and he plays basketball and wears green trainers because they match his green tshirts which make him look like the Jolly Green Giant because his dad is a film director who made the adverts and put Oker in the videos as the starring actor which is why he is so rich and can afford so much paint because he is famous and he gets people asking him for autographs all the time which is why he is so good at writing his name which is really Oker which is why he gets in trouble with the police because it is his real name and they know who he is and they
  8. Oh, ok. My bad. It's just that I keep hearing people saying that NT are headed up by an arrogant, steroid-munching bullyboy who has a Gestapo-style list of people that he has banned from Brighton and wants to beat up. I also heard that he was hated to such an extent that someone actually went out and did a dub at London Bridge to insult him. That's why I assumed that this pannel must be a pisstake. I've met a few of the NT lot and they seemed alright to me. I guess that the rumours about some of them being cunts aren't true, then? Sorry, I'm pretty gullible :(
  9. I realise that NT are hated by the majority of London and Brighton writers, but isn't it taking it a bit far for someone to go out and do a pannel to take the piss out of them? Is this NT are PRIX pannel anything to do with the AROE IS A GRASS trackside in London Bridge? :confused:
  10. No, he was talking about pannels. But it doesnt matter either way. I'm not going to be painting any more wholecars any time soon, and I very much doubt that I'll ever see a wholecar from you. http://www.morganm.nildram.co.uk/forumstuff/endthread.gif'>
  11. Actually, thinking about it, you're right... If you're doing a window-down wholecar then you would have to paint over the door handles, door hinges and the bottom half of the hand-rails that run alongside the doors. Plus those knobbly bits that stick out, if you know the ones I mean. If you're doing a small enough pannel then you can opt to paint between the doors, but to be honest, it's not even that much of an issue. You're not going to be fucking about in the yard, worrying about a handrail, if you've only got 45 minutes to paint a wholecar (or 15 minutes if you are in NT).
  12. Only if you're a lanky bastard who can reach that high ;)
  13. http://www.graffiti.org/dj/trains/wholecars/large/wc5.jpg'> Full colour 1-man t2b wc Can't be that hard. I expect flicks of yours by the end of the week :lol:
  14. I forgot to say that the bottom picture is of a very old Diet tag and a Mean tag and throwup. I can't find any flicks of his current throwup, but it is one of (if not the) best throwup in London.
  15. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00371608f00000151.jpg'> An old flick I found on my compute. Booootiful ;) http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00371608f00000152.jpg'> An even older flick. A bit of history for you people... even the kings had to start somewhere!
  16. Wholecar them while you still have the chance :D
  17. Don't you start! I thought we'd established that mine is strictly off-limits :lol:
  18. What, that Cam gave me some toast for breakfast? :lol: Tell you the truth mate, I didn't see my name on their "Most Wanted" list on TV the other day, so I'm not too worried ;)
  19. I think she must be adopted, cos there's definitely no family resemblence.
  20. CamAlmighty's little sister is buff :D
  21. Scan the photos at a JPEG resolution of 70
  22. freeque

    On my travels

    To the two people who replied to this with "Ha" and ":lol:" I don't think that either of you are in any position to comment, all things considered. Furthermore, I dont think that he was hiding behind OSA (is it really that notorious a crew, as I know that Amps is in various others which I would consider to be more so. It is pretty localised, as far as I am aware, so I doubt that Ozek would be "scared" at the mention of it. But I am ready to be corrected) Anyway, Calcalust has had his say, there is no need for snidey comments, specially from those who have no plac
  23. freeque

    DDS Crew London

    http://www.geocities.com/seekgrafftrains/1runnerouch98.jpg'> This, on the other hand, is... Off LU thread.
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