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  1. i spotted what looked like a kem and totem freight the other day...i couldnt tell because it was up against a wall and i couldnt get a flick either =(..but it said kem and totem in the letters
  2. poze3


    pretty dope letters... keep workin on it it looks nice
  3. man stop writing all that stuff around your piece and put a nice outline around the whole piece..i noticed u never do that...i think pieces look wack when they arent outlined for some reason, like it doesnt stand out your pieces do look similar but not exactly the same...shit atleast they are progressing nice shit tho...peace
  4. yo how come nobody paints those flat cars that hold those big containers well atleast ive never seen anything on them...
  5. thats 21rak beside drugs... it was in another post somewhere
  6. word that emuse handstyle just made me feel pretty shitty
  7. ok this is the fuckin bench, it is used to post flicks...not preach about christianity
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