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  1. I dig Volleyball..... If you can actually play, it's fun as hell.... especially with the bettys on the sand.. word
  2. Cept what the hell are you talking about? mumble mouth bastard, Steez would RIP that fool a new speakin vent fa sho'!! hey and Jah, can you please spell out YOUR words instead of shit like "ur" please? that shit is mad annoying.. thank you for your support Bartles and James mutha fucka!
  3. Taper........hmmmmm oh yeah kid I heard of you you that punk that talked shit then Steez murdered you! the words you blurted never hit their marked targets so if you can't finish, best advised not to start shit Coffeehouse leavin cats stiff like startch once again it's the Funkstar marchin mutha fuckas to they doom son I blast you AND ya man Neo makin me get blood on my cream sweater and my peacoat?! shit I was just loungin, now we bouts ta throw down hear that X-Files music in the backround? you abouts to get ate up by some sick ass, out the woods crew that YOU should be 'fraid of son go get ya pay stubs AND ya 1040EZ's you bout to get audited by Coffeehouse, Cuts, Nails and Gutter Steez son you butta? PLEASE ya shit's not even meltin in my skillet now turn ya stove down cause CFunk's about to kill it son I'm steady drillin holes through ya temples we gonna hang you by the celieng lick the stamp, the envelope is steady sealing ya fate is NOT enough straight up kid we call ya bluff lyrics so hot they TOUCH ya skin and have it peeling you need spf one MILLION to keep the coalition of ya backside fuck with one of us, got the WHOLE CLICK in attack mode son we'll fuck you up in the studio OR trackside... or rooftop or freeways or in ya girls bedroom or at the dinner table retire now..... or accept the consequence chills to the Coalition
  4. first off your body produces Creatine.. at a rate of roughly 3grams per day, but your body also uses that 3grams per day. So basically what your doing when your taking Creatine, is your causing an abundance of it in your body...it keeps your muscles saturated with water which in turn keeps all the lactic acid flowing out(your muscles start to burn from a build up of lactic acid) and protein and other nutrients flowing in.. it works well for me, I've noticed gains in strength, stamina and size.. second.. fat does NOT turn to muscle...fat stays as fat, and muscle grows..ther'es no fat to muscle transformation.. they are different types of tissue, it's like a salmon turning into a trout.. does'nt happen.. on my lifting days, I eat a protein shake about half an hour before I lift, and then immediately afterwards.. like while I'm changing, or showering.. liquid protein is essential because after you lift, your muscles are ready to receive anything you put into your body.. but the window closes fairly fast. If you eat whole food, the amount of time it takes to digest is too long, and your muscles won't take full advantage of the protein your giving them.. if whey bothers your stomach, try a liquid amino acid, you can get them at GNC, and the ones I take are called Liquid 2222..anyways, they have all of your essential and non-essential amino's and 22 grams of protein..so that would be sufficient.. alright bro get to it.. chills
  5. yes...Vancouver.... Are Social Deviants still rockin? FatBone and ATrain? (and Junya the DJ) if anybody knows em tell em Toothbrush said whatup they'll get it
  6. WHAT!?!?!?! You guys are nuts, I laughed my ass off last night... did you see the one where Brian was the drug dog at the airport, and was all coked out? HAHA
  7. I'M BAAAACK... whatup 455 Northwest reppin all simataneous
  8. shit I told myself I was'nt gonna spit again then Blink steps in and I think I'm fenna win again belly full of whack MC like I ate din at Benigin's your rhymes are dope? yeah maybe if you were ten again then again maybe not..see all these cats on here don't NEED a thesaurus to rock tryin to sound all inteligent but ya not all that shit is irrelivent and now you got us all on the same team puttin cracks up in ya spine cause now we a "Band Of Brothers" and you "Behind Enemy Lines" son we pound ya shit like "ALI" you KNOW you don't fuck with the capital C Foundation your munipilation of words requires NO imagination we fadin..in and out like mutha fuckin Ring Wraiths stick and move..till you feel humiliation sucka you NEVA even seen beats and breaks like our grooves call it the SauceLounge ask ya girl she know the haps AveisOne, SauceDollars and mutha fuckin ThickStacks we got you all turned around like switchbacks leavin ya teeth all in peices like you chewin on some Tic-Tacs candy ass bitch.. daps to...Cap Peeler,Gutter Steez, Boring, Nails, CME, 455, Milo..list goes on...keep the heat on em
  9. HEAD TO TOE so fresh and so clean clean.. use that girlie shaving cream and a Venus razor..works like a charm.. Charm..shave..now...
  10. OFF THE CHAIN... I hate that shit, it seems like EVERYONE I talk to has to say it just to make me cranky... I think Coppers is funny...
  11. AMERICA by Norman Rockwell THE LORD OF THE RINGS(TRILOGY) JRR Tolkein THE HOBBIT(prequel to Lord of the Rings) JRR Tolkein THE BIBLE
  12. I respect the skills you Boring ass Bastard!
  13. Boring Bastard shaves his girl's nuts... for real, they asked me over for a shaving party once.. lather EVERYWHERE bro! hey ya Bastard, call me..
  14. CMEUP I think that spot between your nuts and ass is called the GRITS... at least that's what that shit they serve for breakfast down here tastes like..:D from the neck down(including the boys) is completely shaved at least twice a week...you go through hella Mach3's and Skintamate peache's and cream shave gell, but it's worth it! (for real try the girl's stuff, it works hella better than Edge gel.. anyway, needless to say, I'm all about the yardwork, but I don't like those Mohawks..I just like it balded.. think about it, if your shaving your nuts, your gonna be gentle as hell, so you won't cut em...you just got to manuever them to get certain angles.. thank you for your support...
  15. true Wisconson fell off, but if you remember, they were pre-season #6 in the polls... AND schedules get made at least 2-3 years prior to the season, and Wisconson (and Ron Dayne) were a powerhouse then.. I also get cranky cause basically the only nationally televised games from the Pac-10 come on Fox sports and kick off usually isn't till 700 PST that's a 9:00 kickoff East coast.. No one wants to stay up till 1am to watch a game...so I think the west coast needs some more publicity.. Notre Dame is on EVERY weekend(they have a contract with ABC) reguardless of their record... Oh well, I'm not mad at Nebraska, just the situation.. So for now..GO BIG RED(in the RoseBowl) and GO DUCKS and maybe we can be co-national champs...
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